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Tarot Read for Tuesday 8/25/15 – Ten of Pentacles

25.08.2015 in Spirituality

4ofwandsWe saw the Ten of Pentacles earlier in the month, but in the Steampunk Tarot, the meaning is slightly different. Today is a day built around family obligations and an absolutely wonderful day for financial matters. Expect good news from those close to you and expect news soon regarding increases of a financial nature. All of your hard work is truly starting to pay off. Maintain the momentum.

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Free Online Tarot Reading, Week Of 8/24-8/30, 2015

24.08.2015 in Spirituality – Free Online Psychic Tarot Reading – For the week of 8/24-8/30, 2015

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Tarot Read for Tuesday, 8/04/15 – Three of Wands

04.08.2015 in Spirituality

Tarot for Tuesday 8/04/2015 – Three of Wands

In the Steampunk Tarot, the Three of Wands is a card of action. It’s about clearly seeing the end result of our actions and knowing that our efforts will pay off with diehard discipline. Drive forward today, keep your eye on the goal and you will begin to achieve your desires before you even expected.

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