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December 2017 TarotScopes

29 Nov 2017, by psychictxt in Astrology, Life Path, Love, Spiritual Reports, Spirituality, Tarot, Tarotscope

By: Advisor Christine

Our own advisor, Christine, has taken the time to put together these Tarotscopes for you for the month of December 2017. Will things finally start to settle for you? Will those hopes and dreams start to manifest? Read below and then reach out directly to Christine today!

Aries – The Hermit

Beloved Aries!  December has great healing and self-exploration for you!  Taking time for solitude to process your thoughts and feelings. You have yourself to rely upon and you do have the answers you need.  If you are under pressure, you will need more time.  Self-healing and healing of others. Helping others to find their way. Even if you are not even entirely sure, you definitely are equipped to do so. Avoid making any decisions this month. Take time to invest in your relationships. There may be a period of being single.






Taurus – 5 Of Wands

It looks like December is going to bring you some stiff competition and debates. Hold your position!  No compromise!  There will be fiery opinions and a lack of agreements, at least for now. You may find yourself in meetings where everyone is talking at once, defending their position rather than reaching a solution; it will be a fight just to be heard.  Schedule problems and delays surround you, so make sure you have all of your documents in order. It is a successful month however for sporting events.







Gemini – Queen Of Swords

Always the Queen of Swords Beloved Gemini, independent and incisive are we this month (always). We will be very ambitious truth-seekers. Pay attention to details. Your life experiences have equipped you to overcome any and all hurdles this month.  Remain determined and stay strong. You will have strength in adversity. It is safe to take risks in love.







Cancer – 6 Of Swords

December has you moving on and preparing for a period of Peace Dear Cancer!  Whether it be a situation or a relationship, your escape will give you a great opportunity to rest and recharge.  This may manifest in the mind as you take a more detached approach, distancing yourself from drama. You may even make a spiritual discovery. In work, you may see travel or respite from the workplace. In a relationship, you may find yourself spending time apart.







Leo – Page Of Coins

Let your talent shine this month Leo!  December is all about money news, progress and adventure, as well as auspicious beginnings. This is a time to nurture your abilities. There will be good news concerning money, business, education and travel. There may be a need for management and you may even manage people. You may receive a job offer or an offer on property. Pay attention to detail. Double check all agreements. Also, check through your personal schedule to ensure your plans are realistic.  This is also a good time to establish a new venture.







Virgo – Judgement

It is time to let go of the past Dear Virgo and be open to second chances this month. Great changes and opportunities await but past issues need to be addressed. This is purely about how you judge yourself on your past actions and attitudes.  You will feel as though you did the best you could.  It is time to accept yourself fully. This is also a time for spiritual awakening, as you begin to learn your full potential.







Libra – 10 Of Coins

Property, family and inheritance are the focus of this month Dear Libra!  Generosity and a love relationship that brings wealth and happiness. So if you are wondering if your current relationship will become more committed, the answer is an absolute yes!  This also indicates a wedding and you share similar values!  Cultural backgrounds as well. Inherited property, buying a second home or extending your current home with family support. You benefit from sharing to help each other out this month.







Scorpio – The Chariot

Determination, Victory and A Journey!  Even a new car!  Scorpio!  It looks like you will be finding success this month as you focus on determination. You can now see real progress. You are ready to take control and navigate your path. It is just this willpower that will fuel your desires. You may travel or welcome travelers, relationships progress at a pace and if there are endings, you will be moving on your rightful path. Did I mention a new car?







Sagittarius – 6 Of Coins

Generosity, Property, family, inheritance. Money is coming your way!  It may arrive as a gift be donated by an individual rather than a corporation. This will allow you to pay off your debts!  Invest wisely!  Your circumstances are definitely improving. You may become a benefactor and can even help a friend in need with a temporary cash flow problem.  Maybe even donate to a charity!  Whoever you choose to help, carefully consider their needs and the right amount to give in order to make a true difference. You truly begin to feel connected to friends and family.






Capricorn – High Priestess

Secrets, wisdom and the spiritual world. You are developing true hidden knowledge, intuition, psychic experiences and significant dreams. This is a time to go into incubation and privacy. Going inward, deepening your relationship with your higher self and trusting your internal “knowing”. In your everyday life, it is important to keep your secrets to yourself. Be your own counsel. Follow your intuition this month Capricorn and connect with your Guides. Home life is quiet and relationships with family are calm. You may be buried in your separate lives. In relationships, you may find yourself single for a time. One of you may also decide to keep an aspect of their life private.  In business, success is coming, but contracts and new work may take some time to nurture.





Aquarius – Justice

Balance, perception and objectivity!  This will be a month of positive outcomes Aquarius!  All imbalances will be addressed, providing you have been honest and deserving. You may even be the judge in your own life, using your integrity to make good pdecisions that will ensure your future. You may take a moral stand this month or be an advocate for those around you. If you have any legal matters, decisions will be in your favor. This is a time of empowerment!  Ensure your emotional needs are met and balance between work and relationships. Interviews will be successful and you are now at the end of a frugal period.






Pisces – 9 Of Coins

Comfort, accomplishment and prosperity!  This is a month of financial prosperity Dear Pisces!  You feel safe and proud of all of your achievements. You gaze upon your material comforts, you may even redecorate and stand back upon your creation and smile. It is time to treat yourself to whatever makes you happy. You are now able to focus on your own needs. You can now feel at home and at one with yourself.







Monthly Theme Card – 3 Of Coins

It is time for all of us to show our talents!  Beginning a small business and creating our success for the coming year is our focus for December!  Let your voice be heard and don’t be too afraid to give that memorable toast to celebrate the holidays or a beautiful wedding. Our ambitions are high and it is time to be a self-starter!   The future is now!  Have the drive to succeed!






Christine is an advisor with Psychic Txt



If you are ready to find out what’s in store for you this upcoming December, reach out directly to Advisor Christine today. She has nearly 40 years of experience  doing this work and it is her heart’s calling. She will look forward to reading for you, too!