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Meet Psychic Lauren

13 Jul 2016, by psychictxt in Astrology, Psychic Development, Psychic Readings, Psychics



Tell us about yourself and your abilities:

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I’m a natural born gifted psychic. People from all walks of life come to me for insight, guidance and advice about problems or situations they go through that are overwhelming, confusing and difficult. I specialize in past, present, future, love and relationships, finance and career, health, finding your purpose and destiny etc. I was gifted to help guide, teach and advise. I provide accurate details and insight and give you the peace of mind you need to move forward In your life

When did you first learn of your gift?

I discovered I had this gift at the early age of six years old. I was able to pick up on energies that were around me and would have to discuss what was being shown to me with family and sometimes people I have never met before. My gift is not something I can turn on and off, it’s life long. Luckily my great grandmother who was also gifted taught me how to go about using my ability to help provide helpful information to those who need it. To not be intimidated by what I was being shown.

What inspires you to give readings?

Knowing that my gift is able to change lives, uplift spirits and restore hope and faith in people’s lives, no matter what the situation may be, with proper guidance and direction you will have the sources you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

What type of readings do you like to give?

I enjoy giving readings on love and finance. These are two of the main concerns in people’s lives and once you have that in control everything else falls into place.

What do you do in your spare time?

Since 2010 I have been teaching people who are also gifted in other areas such as clairvoyants, astrologers, psalmist, tarot card readers, etc. To use there abilities for the greater good just like my great grandmother helped me, I would love to know I have been a good help and teacher to those who had similar experiences as I did in the past, so they can take control over their ability and make this world a better place.

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  • jennifer28 Reply

    Lauren is amazingly accurate! She provides details and timeframes. She is always on point. And all things she has mentioned, have come to pass! Definitely one of the best on this site. Btw I Love this app!

  • Holly Reply

    Lauren has been correct about a lot as far as my curcumstances have been.
    I did not tell her much.
    But she was spot on about so many things.
    I feel what she sees will manifest in my very near future.

  • Autumn Reply

    Lauren is truly amazing and one of kind! She’s very accurate and tells it like it is. Continue to keep guding people down the right the path you are honestly wonderful human. Godbless you❤️ I truly recommend you go to her.

  • Christine Reply

    Lauren is very sweet and honest. I love how she is reassuring and sincere.

  • Lia Reply

    Lauren is absolutely phenomenal! She is definitely a nice, honest, and sincere person. She is definitely reassuring and my favorite advisor on here. Her readings are definitely spot on. She does give you ease with situations that need resolving and that will occur.

  • Joanna Robinson Reply

    Lauren is so amazing and honest

  • sharn marie true Reply

    My ex of nearly 15 years as left me he as got someone else there have been together about 2 month will we get back together

    • psychictxt
      psychictxt Reply

      Hello, if you are interested in getting a reading from Lauren, please message her directly in app.

  • lakevia Reply

    Omg Lauren is amazing right on point…my reading was fun….she’s angel sent…not only did i leave my reading feeling emotionally healed i felt spirtually healed as well her encouraging word’s to strengthening me better days are ahead….i highlyrecommend her…

  • Jennifer Reply

    How can I reach Lauren?

    • psychictxt
      psychictxt Reply

      Hello Jennifer, If you are interested in getting a reading from Lauren, please contact her directly via the Psychic Txt App

      • Takmeir Alex Reply

        If I made a question to the other advisor can I still msg Lauren free?

        • psychictxt
          psychictxt Reply

          Hello Takmeir, We only offer one free question per customer per lifetime.

  • Carol King Reply

    I have to cards on file to pay when i ask a question. But when i press add credit it doesnt give me the option as to what card i want to use.

    • psychictxt
      psychictxt Reply

      Hi Carol,

      You will need to check the billing you have set up for either iTunes or Google Play in order to resolve this issue.