15 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

15 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Pic By Patricia Ariel

By: Advisor Amee

What are some ways you can raise your vibration for your highest good? Here are some methods I have personally tried when I was sad,  angry, frustrated, anxiety ridden, depressed,or just in a funk!

1.Music. Upbeat, positive lyrics can make your day and moments brighter as it boosts the dopamine levels.

2.Dance. Wonderful to use to relieve those blah depressed feelings.It shakes the negativity right of you.

3.Affirmations. I love Louise Hay’s website and her YouTube videos.The are free and helped me for years now..

4.Animals. They are superb stress relievers.Just petting them and listening to a cat purr, or a dog snore.Watching my cat Missy turn somersaults when she thinks no one is around.funny huh?It’s good for people with high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and especially loneliness, insomniacs and introverts.

5.Herbs. For all my nature loving brothers and sisters.There is a plethora of herbs and spices, even in your own backyard.Please Note: Do not pick unless you know exactly what is edible and which are toxic. this goes for the edible flowers and other plants as well. Ask a certified herbalist and /or physician before blending with other herbs and prescription drugs.

6. Colors.
this option works wonders for those of us that can not see things in just black and white. Those personalities also need color in their lives as well they just don’t realize how much.Take the color blue..it helps us to calm our minds and our moods..Yellow helps us feel more joyful positive and upbeat. ie the sun and it’s vitamin D.

7. Crystals and Stones. They all have their own own energies that can heal us in one way or another or raise our vibration relieving ailments physically ,mentally.and emotionally.Help in the aid of disorders, diseases and many other arenas. Please Note: this is not a cure all  – seek the attention of your doctor if something is serious.

8. Incense /Resins. The most well known for clearing negativity is white sage or blue sage.Now if you can’t use sage you are able to use frankincense for clearing spaces like you would see in the Christian churches..I like to use Palo Santo myself..which you can purchase in chips or sticks.

9. Bath/shower. cleansing yourself regularly helps.there is even a ritual that some people use.Unfortunately not all people are able to bathe on a daily basis to unsanitary conditions or being homeless or fear of water ,so they need someone to be there to help them.

10. Clean the home/Environment. Keeping your surrounding areas free of debris and clutter is a must. ie dust those picture frames, baseboards, ledges over your doors frame, closets ,window sills, and yes even your vents.Don’t forget those garbage cans either.Open your windows whenever possible and let the fresh air blow the stagnation and bacteria out.

11. Food. Eating healthy ,organic foods helps raise your vibration immensely.Add in clean spring water or distilled water, herbal teas or decaffeinated coffees.This also is greatly used to keep your up and flowing well.It helps to release the toxins of all the junk and the environmental nasties you may absorb .

12. Talking It out. chatting with a friend of loved one helps to let go of unwanted and unneeded negative energy. No one is immune to it.Remember they can be your biggest cheerleader and support in times of troubles.Call upon your support team when you need that extra boost of confidence and loving energy to accomplish a challenging task.

13. Meditation.there are endless types of meditations for all situations in life. Just choose what’s best for you and go with it.You can find them everywhere ..i prefer the beta and theta waves i find on YouTube or Hay House.

14. Breathe. Taking a breath break does a body wonders. Breath in ,count to 10 and breathe all the way out. Repeat this atleast 3 times or more to you really feel those shoulders relaxing and the wight lifting off of them.this is a great exercise fr when you may get overwhelmed with work or just a stressful car issue.

15. Talk to your Guides. Depending on your religion and Spiritual Path talk to any of your chosen helpers:this could be Angels, Faeries, Ascended Masters,Animal Totems/Spirits. They are all standing in wait just to help you with whatever they can to make your life better and help you on your journey. They truly want you to seek their advice and assistance.


Amee is an advisor with Psychic Txt


I hope you can take away some new pointers on how to help yourself raise your vibration and be the happy, calm, and collected soul you are meant to be. Love and blessings to all on your journey. If you have been struggling and need help to raise your vibration and regain your energy, please feel free to reach out to me via the Psychic Txt app today. I look forward to helping you!