2018 EnergyScopes

2018 EnergyScopes

By: Advisor Jessica

Aries – Cornucopia

The energy is cornucopia. The fairies from above are helping assist you to create a growth though your wishes as they are in command of what you desire in life. If you want more sustenance  you can gain it in 2018.



Taurus – Man Holding a Coin

The energy is a man holding a coin. This can represent a man with money assisting and being there to help you make financial decisions in your situations in  2018.




Gemini – Financial Constraints

The energy is Financial Constrains. You need to learn to make better decisions with the funds available to you and work within your means over the next year of 2018. Budgets must be made so you do not have an issue with money coming in or going out.



Cancer – Patience

The energy is Patience. You will need to have more patience as the energy is trying to tell you to slow down, as there is no time limit to things happening for you in 2018. Do not rush things.




Leo – Blossoming Abundance

The energy is Blossoming Abundance. This card is basically telling you that you will have a unexpected bloom and see grown and increase in your financial and all around Abundance for 2018.




Virgo – Fourth Chakra, Archangel Raphael

The main focus is on Fourth Chakra. It’s about love and this is the heart chakra. You are healing from your situations from the past year into 2018. During the next 12 months you will get help with this through healing with Archangel Raphael.



Libra – The Sun

The energy for libra is The Sun. The sun is all about new beginnings on the raising. As the sun is smiling and shining on your side in your situations. Things will continue to get better as you move through 2018.




Scorpio – Goddess Of The Moon

Your energy is Goddess of the moon. This is a sign that you need to listen to your intuition more and follow you gut feelings and trust in yourself, over the course of the year and as things unfold.




Sagittarius – Sixth Chakra, Archangel, Archangel Metatron

Your energy is on the sixth chakra which is all about your third eye. Archangel Metatron is helping you strengthen this chakra as it will help you in 2018.




Capricorn – Angel of Strength

Your energy is the Angel of Strength. Your angels are helping you with getting your personal power and your inner strength back again. You must learn to believe in yourself and the angels who are around you in 2018



Aquarius – Third Chakra, Archangel Chamuel

Your main focus is on the third chakra. Which is speaking and about the phrase “I can”. You need to believe in your “I can do” attitude. As archangel Chamuel is helping you along the lines you will have more confidence to make things happen.



Pisces – Woman Holding A Heart

Your energy for 2018 is shown by the woman holding a heart. This could be someone close to you; family or friends. This person will be in your life during 2018. They like emotions and to be dramatic at times,  while they do “love”, they can create problems. Always remember, things may not be as they seem.




If you want to find out 2018 holds for you, reach out directly to Advisor Jessica today. She will be happy to look into your inquiry and provide you with the insight you need. 


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