3 Interesting Things About The Spirit World

3 Interesting Things About The Spirit World

From Sivana By Tina Heals 

Do you think spirits exist? Let me tell you, they do. This hologram that we live in, is so glorious in its makeup that we truly discern nothing of it. Practically nothing anyway!

We see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Yes you heard that right. We also hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum. Once you’ve let that sink in, you might come to concede that we really do not know much about CONSCIOUSNESS and different manifestations of it.

Ghosts and spirits are energy too. Remember that energy is indestructible. So what are they really?

A daemon, sprite, or ghost. People usually conceive of a ghost as a wandering spirit from a being no longer living, having survived the death of the body yet maintaining at least vestiges of mind and consciousness.~~ Wikipedia


Whatever thought forms you put out, the ether creates that form from your thoughts: CONSCIOUSNESS shapes the hologram which when a particular point is observed becomes static and creates a reality that we call the Universe. This is how monsters and demons are created. If you can think of them, they will exist.


CARL JUNG saw and worked with many entities. Aleister Crowley speaks of Jung “we see Science gracefully bowing her maiden brows before her old father, Magic”. Quantum Mechanics is now holding the torch that blends and blurs the line between physics and metaphysics.


Terence Mcknenna inherited his curiosity of the Tibetan Book of the dead from Timothy Leary and both men have spoken, written and reinterpreted this text in books and lectures and in a way this book has become a cult classic HAVING NEVER GONE OUT OF PRINT!

Many of the BARDO stages can be used as meditation during entity contact. The BARDO THODOL if read to a possessed person, may help in guiding the troubled soul who is haunting to pass on to the Ultimate Liberation.

The soul doing the haunting has just passed and each soul is terrified at the time of death and the BARDO THODOL teaches us how to face this death!

Through the stages of the BARDO, there is a possibility of Nirvana, only if the soul disassociates from the experiences that play out. Each BARDO has a set of experiences.

There is much to write about the BARDO EXPERIENCES which can be deeply therapeutic for us to even ponder. The ideas, the concepts can lead to a greater understanding.

KRIM KALIKE NAMAHA is a super powerful chant if you fear entity possession.

Listen to this mantra for complete protection by the DARK GODDESS ADYASHAKTI who is the primary source of all.

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