3 Steps To Remove The Clutter From Your Life

3 Steps To Remove The Clutter From Your Life

By Advisor Jessica

Hello my name is Jessica. I have taken a clutter coaching course that helps you with your relationships, work environment, and so much more. I can help you understand what needs to be removed – almost like Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese form of balancing out energies which could be in a room, where you move things in angles and positions to regain balance. And also be more grounded. Also removing clutter helps the chakras and meditation.

When you de clutter a room or even space you make sure everything is put in the right place and everything should be spaced out.  You can have a well balance energy in any room. If your working from a office, you may need to clean it daily in order to have that balance you need. By doing this, it brings in healthy energies to your environment. Which will help you to be able to breathe better.

I am not the cleanest person that is another reason why I have become a clutter coach. I know how to reorganize a whole room. Just getting the clutter out and removed from the room and put it in the spot it needs to be put in. As crystals, rocks and even jewelry is included. In this article I will include steps on how to de clutter your house and make sure the energy is flowing and you are not wasting money on someone to hold your things in another area.

One of the steps of removing clutter is cleaning up. Making sure it goes where it must go. Plus it must go in a area that it considered either used or thrown in the trash. Clutter can also be in your room. This could be also why your having either relationship issues, work problems, and such. If your room is balanced things wouldn’t do as they had happened. It also can do something for your health.

The second step is to make sure in your room you are able to see everything, even on the floor. I wouldn’t say everyone has this issue on throwing it to the floor after using. But it needs either be in a dirty laundry hamper or be put into a trash can. By putting it on the floor is not good for your own feet health. It can create health issues. Where if it gets mold or mildew. It can create serious life issues – especially in your life environment. Where you could end up in a hospital in a few days. This is why this article is here to help you make a decision to do a life changes that must be done before you can move forward in your life.

The third lesson and final is to make sure everything is dusted and cleaned up. So you can breathe. And able to see the whole room without any type of clutter to bother you. With this in mind that you will be able to see things clearer. And not have as many issues that you had to been going though in your life. I hope this article helps.



If you want to find out further how you can remove the clutter from your life in order to open brand new doors and experience the joy you deserve, reach out directly to Advisor Jessica today