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3 Things To Remember For Anyone Who Has Been In a Bad Relationship

3 Things To Remember For Anyone Who Has Been In a Bad Relationship

badreBad relationships can really leave a mark. They can leave you feeling insecure, without ambition, and completely closed off to the idea of love. You may even become jaded and swear off the idea of love altogether. It’s much easier to just go on about your own business and do things that make you feel great. Then it happens. A new energy enters your life and sends your spirit flying high. You feel tingly all over and even get butterflies in your stomach the second you see him or her. The mere sight of this new individual will even make you want to become the best version of you possible. You will feel fresh, renewed, and ready to plunge into this new opportunity. But, there are three important things to remember when entering into something new. If you don’t, there’s a chance you could end up sabotaging something that meant a lot to you. If that happens, you will be right back where you started.

New Is New

We’ve talked before about how bad situations from the past do teach lessons for us in the future, but there’s a line that needs to be drawn here. When you are around someone new, try not to give any focus whatsoever to the relationships you have had in the past. Blatantly looking for behavioral consistencies means you are actually looking for something that is ‘wrong’. Searching for these types of negatives before things even get off the ground is a sure fire way to change your attitude and actions about all of it. This constant overthinking will quickly sabotage your new connection and even cause you to hold back from saying what you want to say and acting in a manner you feel is right. You may even miss some key subtle hints that would have served to propel the connection forward. Uncovering those after the fact won’t feel very good.  Flow, enjoy the time together, and keep your mind open and in the present moment. It will make a substantial difference.


Most of the above is attributed to fear, but fear gets its own category since it is a huge killer of new connections. Perhaps the way you were treated in the past left you feeling insecure and not good enough for anyone. If so, let those feelings roll right off of you! Forget about it the best you can and realize the universe has matched the two of you right here right now. It’s up to both of you to figure out what direction you want to take it in , but if you constantly hold yourself back, you may come across disinterested and leave the other person confused. This is a passion killer and nobody wants the fire to start burning out before things really start moving. Don’t get me wrong, that fire and passion can be brought back almost instantly, but make sure you aren’t holding onto unnecessary fears. Walk into these new connections with a clear mind. Set any expectations you may have to the side and allow the situation to play out in a natural manner.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Lastly, and while somewhat unrelated to a new connection, it’s important you don’t unnecessarily beat yourself up over a bad relationship. Not only is it unhealthy for your psyche in general, it will also exacerbate the negatives found in the above two items. Perhaps there were things you could have done differently, but giving those types of thoughts too much energy is both disempowering and self sabotaging. The past can’t be changed, but you are certainly able to mold a positive future for yourself. Be happy with who you are. Know there may be something better on the horizon for you and walk along your path with a clear mind and an open heart. You will thank yourself for doing so and may even be surprised at what comes back around.


If you are going through a difficult relationship or have just entered into something new, reach out to any one of our trusted psychic advisors. They can look deep into your situation and shine a light on exactly what you need to know.