3 Tips For Manifesting The Life You Want In 2016

3 Tips For Manifesting The Life You Want In 2016

HNY2It is that time of year again where many of us feel obligated to sit down and self-assess in order to develop even better versions of ourselves. While this can be an excellent exercise that focuses heavily on self improvement, all too often our goals and aspirations fall short as the year moves forward.

How often have you made a goal for the new year but weren’t able to see it through all the way? How many times have you simply hoped things would get better and they did not? Have you ever wanted something new in your life, but gave up on it after losing faith?

When this cycle repeats, it can easily create a lot of frustration. It can make you feel as if nothing you are doing is helping you obtain the life you want. It’s time for that cycle to stop and the time is right now. Rather than falling victim to your own circumstances, it’s time to take control of your future and implement a practice that will literally create everything you desire.

Most everyone has heard of manifestation. It’s about creating the life you truly want by bringing you desires to fruition. There is a lot of rhetoric out there detailing steps you must take in order to make this work for you, but the truth is that it is actually quite simple. Below, we have put together three simple tips that will help you start manifesting the 2016 you want and deserve.



1.) Meditation

There is no one right way to meditate. Anything that gets you out of your mind will help you enter a meditative state. When you let go of thought and simply allow yourself to stay open, it becomes much easier to literally see what you want to happen in your life. The more you see it and feel the excitement associated with it happening, the quicker it will come to you. Implement a new meditation practice in 2016 and start small. Not only will you get better at manifesting, you will also experience a new well deserved sense of peace and live with much less anxiety.Ask-believe-receive-quotes-saying-pictures

2.) Don’t Obsess

Belief is an integral part of manifestation. You have to believe everything you desire will come to you. If you are constantly thinking about ‘whether or not it will work’ or ‘when it will happen’, you will begin to exude a feeling of doubt which reverses your energy and starts pushing everything backwards again. This is where a lot of people get stuck. You have to ask for it, see it, feel the emotions associated with it happening and then let it go! Don’t obsess over these desires or constantly think about them. This is probably the hardest step of all because it’s not easy to believe in something when you can’t see it right in front of you, but when you let it go after asking and then see it show up, you’ll start to believe even more. The more you believe, the easier it gets!

3.) Gratitude Journal

Maintaining a positive attitude is critical to helping you manifest positive things into your life. Remember, you get what you push! Start a gratitude journal and write down three items every day you are happy for. Take note of the good things already in your life. Remember, good begets even more good. Not only will this help to expedite your manifestation efforts, it will also help to transform your outlook on life.


Make 2016 your best year yet. Make it the year you break away from any chains that are holding you back and the year you finally start bringing everything you deserve and want into your life.

If you would like to find out more about manifesting the life you want or want to know what to expect in 2016, reach out directly to any one of our talented psychic advisors. They are here for you and are ready to help you live the life you have always imagined.


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