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3 Tips To Open Up Your Abilities On National Psychic Day

3 Tips To Open Up Your Abilities On National Psychic Day

EyeThis upcoming Sunday is Psychic Day! This day was put into place all the way back in the 19th century to help people better hone their own intuitive abilities. While some may believe that only certain individuals have the power to tune into the energy of a situation, the truth is everyone can do it with proper practice, the correct mindset, and continued dedication. For today, we’ve listed out three ways for you to get started this weekend.


The biggest factor to open yourself up to your latent abilities is belief. When you truly believe you can do something and know it can happen for you, things will begin to unfold for you much easier. Doubt creates anxiety and anxiety shuts down your ability to connect. Know it is a part of who you are.


Learning to let go and get lost in yourself is a huge contributor to developing your own intuitive ways. You can meditate in any manner you like. It’s truly not necessary to follow a cookie cutter program or sit in an uncomfortable position listening to music you don’t care for. Anything that allows you to let go of your thoughts is meditative by nature. Consider participating in any activity you love doing. When you do things you love, you automatically immerse yourself in the moment and let go of stray thoughts. Once you are in that zone, let go of expectation and allow information to come to you when it’s ready to come to you. It may not happen right away, but that’s okay! Give it time and keep practicing!

Start a Journal:

When you are first learning to open yourself up, it’s common to receive intuitive information sporadically.  When you feel something come through that doesn’t necessarily align with what you are doing in that same moment, write it down. You may not receive everything, but the more you do this, the more you will start receiving validation. The more validation you receive, the more your confidence builds. When your confidence and belief grows, your abilities will strengthen by leaps and bounds.


If you are interested in better tuning into your own abilities or want help interpreting your own Tarot cards, reach out directly to any one of authentic advisors. They can help you better tune into yourself and uncover the dormant abilities that have always been part of you.