3 Tips to Finding Your True Love, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame

3 Tips to Finding Your True Love, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame

From Sivana By Cheryl Bruedigam:

There are soul mates, and then there are soul mates.

Soul mates may occur in various forms and relationships, including kindred-spirit types, karmic relationships, and the ultimate: twin flames.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred-spirit types of soul mates share the bond of like-mindedness, a recognizable relationship of some type from a past life, and the attributes of a shared soul-group.

These people come and go throughout your life; some stay, but many will enter your life briefly and then move on, touching your life somehow in a way that you recognize as familiar and will not forget.

They usually have a special place in your heart, even if you never see them again.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic mates can come in all different types, from family relations to marriage partners to friends to children. These are people with whom you have issues to work through. They can be in your life for many years.

Sometimes, the relationship will end once the karma has been worked out.

Many times, we initially mistake them for our perfect mate, yet they are not.

Twin Flames

Twin flames, as opposed to kindred spirits and karmic relationships, are the true love that everyone is looking for. A guy walks through a revolving door, and a woman goes out the other side; they never see each other.

Two years later, they both reach for the same book in a cozy little shop.

They are the stuff romance novels are filled with.

They are the characters we have loved and cried with in movies like Made in HeavenKate and Leopold, and Cloud Atlas, all movies that also include some slight twists in time because their characters are twin flames, coming together again and again throughout time.

Your twin flame is someone that you have spent lifetimes with, over and over.

It is the person who complements you. They are the lover of lifetimes, your best friend, and the person you will fight for to the end, sometimes even die for.

Many times, twin flames have suffered hardships, separations, and loss over lifetimes, but when they finally come back together, they are impenetrable and unstoppable together.

How will you know if you have a twin flame?

Call it intuition, call it soul-guidance, call it your heart-gut. You will just know. Although you have love relationships you enjoy, you never feel fully fulfilled; there always seems to be something missing, but you can never quite put your finger on it.

You may have bits and pieces of dreams that leave you with a “feeling” that you do not understand. Certain geographical locations may have an effect on you that leaves you feeling lonely or confused.

These are just a few examples, but the most important is that you just “feel” it in your heart. You know that person is out there. So what do you do? Here are three tips to help you find your true love twin flame.


First of all, you have got to get the right life. Ask the universe, the inner self, or your deity of choice to help you along your way—to get your life right.

This may be difficult and is not for the weak-hearted, because you have got some cleaning out to do.

This will involve stepping away from negativity and toxic relationships, old ways and habits, and anything else that is not a part of the new soul-path you will be stepping on, because your new soul-path is where your twin flame will be waiting.


Once you have gotten your life cleaned up, it is time to set out on your soul-journey, and again you will need to ask the universe or said deity to assist you and to put you on the right path to finding your twin flame.

This may also be difficult, and can it include major transitions like a career change, moving to a new city, taking a trip, or meeting new people in new circles.

Whatever changes come, rest assured and trust that fate has plans for you that will lead you to your mate.


When your life is straightened out and you are on the right path, you will turn your full focus to finding your mate, your true love, your twin soul. To do this, use meditation and focus on the attributes that you imagine they will have.

Then, in further meditation, allow your consciousness to flow out to the astral plane—where their consciousness also exists—and communicate your desires to this person.

Repeat this process over and over in earnest. Lastly, abandon all physical relationships with others, as these will only slow your progress and hinder your ability to communicate with your mate on a spiritual level. It is like you are showing the universe your commitment to finding your true mate.

It is possible to find your twin flame if you are destined to be together in this lifetime by applying these steps. Get the right life, get on your soul-path, and ask to be with the right person.

Love draws love, and when in the right mindset and place and time, love draws twin flames. Twin flames always move forward as one in spirit, and once the search or recognition has begun, they will reunite in body, mind, and soul time after time.

But you have to do the soul-work, and you have to be ready and willing to make the changes to bring them into your life.

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