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3 Ways To Feel Close And Connected In Your Relationship Again

3 Ways To Feel Close And Connected In Your Relationship Again

happy-couple-hands-in-heartWhen connections and relationships first come together, everything always starts out amazing. The feelings you experience make you  float above the clouds and the thought of seeing this new person again almost feels like a dream. You simply can’t wait to experience another perfect night together.  While we would all love to hold onto those perfect moments and continue experiencing them, it’s not always the case. Too often other factors sneak in that work to sabotage what you have been building together. However, a lot of this can be avoided and it all starts with you and your thoughts.

Are You Staying In The Moment?

When you are out with someone the first few times, it is doubtful that your mind will focus on anything else. There’s a good chance you fears haven’t yet surfaced and you are simply enjoying everything for exactly what it is. Operating without expectation and being in the moment with your new loved one truly helps to build a bond that could last a lifetime. However, after a few encounters, it is possible your fears and insecurities might start to take over. It’s possible you could start thinking about what could happen and focus on the thought of being hurt. You may not realize it, but when these types of sabotaging thoughts take over, your energy changes, your behaviour changes, and the way you act when you are with that special someone changes too. It’s even possible you may think he or she is acting differently, when in reality it’s simply due to the way you are thinking. It may seem easier said than done, but try not to focus on exactly which direction things are heading. Try not to worry about what may come. Continue to focus on the moment without any expectations as it does truly help to make the bond you are feeling even stronger. That incredible feeling of being connected will return before you even know it!

Differences Are Okay!

As you get to know someone more and more, you may find the two of you actually have a lot of differences. It’s a common misconception that differences always mean incompatibility; however, that usually isn’t the case at all. The differences the two of you share can actually help to make your relationship even stronger. Not only do they give you an opportunity to grow by learning a different point of view, they also help to ensure the both of you can still maintain your individual life commitments. No matter how close two people are, the best and healthiest relationships are found when both individuals can still get out there and do things on their own. The time apart can even make your bond stronger. Rather than allowing fear to take over when you uncover differences, embrace them, accept them, and know they can actually help your connection grow into something more beautiful than you ever thought.

Break The Routine

While this may apply to relationships that have been around a bit longer, too much routine can quickly kill the excitement associated with a healthy connection. Are the two of you always doing the same thing? Do you get together at the exact same time every day or week? If so, it’s time to mix it up!! While it’s nice to know you will see someone, it’s even better when it’s not always the same plans week after week. Do something different. Do something neither of you have ever done before. Take a daytrip and forget about the world for a while. You will be amazed how quickly the two of you reconnect.

Remember, When your connection is real, the fire will always burn, but sometimes it may need a little bit of fuel in order to feel amazing again.



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