5 Steps To Consciously Combat Jealousy

5 Steps To Consciously Combat Jealousy

From SivanaSpirit By Lisa Cappiello:

I’d like to believe that because I’m a yogi, a healer, and an ongoing spiritual seeker, that I’m immune to jealousy. Especially since I believe that jealousy is such an unnecessary, low-vibrational state of being, and I never want it directed toward me. But I’d be lying. Truth be told, there are still times that my ego gets the best of me and I fall prey to the green-eyed monster.

Just as it did recently, when one of my boyfriend’s social media followers was, in my opinion, a bit too flirtatious with her commentary. But this time, I was armed with some key tools that enabled me to work through the experience rather quickly, reset my vibration, and not bring any unwarranted crazy to my relationship.

Here are my 5 steps to consciously combat jealousy. My intention is that they help you move through your experience, and offer you clarity, healing, and peace in the process.

1 – Get Honest & Feel

I knew I didn’t feel like my usual self, so I picked up my phone, re-read the comment, and allowed myself to really feel what was bubbling up inside of me. Without judgement, I acknowledged that I felt annoyed, angry, and resentful, because I felt as though this woman was overstepping her bounds.

2 – Reflect on what this was really bringing up in me

Sure, her comment irritated me, but if it was causing me to have such a strong reaction, I knew there was more beneath it. So, in the privacy of my home, I meditated, and did a deep internal dive. I realized that my past experiences of betrayal and infidelity (with other people) were being triggered. And at the core of it all, was my fear of inadequacy. I spent some time in this space, but then I reminded myself that I no longer have to relive the past and I have since grown and evolved. I also honored myself for having the courage to examine this all so honestly.

3 – Separate my experience from the actual action –

My boyfriend and I are both mindful about keeping the space between us sacred, and I always do my best to bring high-level energy to my relationship. After working through my thoughts and feelings, it was clear that my reaction had very little to do with my boyfriend. In fact, once I shined the light on my funkiness, I was able to shift my focus to the intention behind my boyfriend’s post, and I knew it was clean. Sharing unique life experiences and inspiring others are important to him, and I admire him for it. How other people respond to that is out of my control (but my reaction and state of mind are totally up to me).

4 – Forgive

First, I asked a higher power to forgive me for all of the low-vibe, attack thoughts I placed on everyone involved, including myself. I then forgave myself for all of the stress and unpleasantness I inflicted upon myself. I also forgave myself for not operating from a space of love and heightened awareness. Then, after several days, I was able to sincerely forgive the woman who left the comment.

5 – Pray for peace & release

Even though I felt better, I still found myself replaying the whole scenario in my mind. So I asked for divine guidance. I asked a higher power to take this situation from me, and to reinterpret my negative and fearful thoughts. I also prayed for peace. I asked for peace within myself, peace in my relationship, and peace with everyone I encounter in the world. As time passed, I felt the energy of the whole experience dissipate, and I felt much lighter and free.


 About Lisa Cappiello:

Lisa is a published author, certified yoga/meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. Serving New York City for over a decade, Lisa is passionate about inspiring others to live their happiest, most authentic lives.

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