8 Stages of a Twin Flame Connection

8 Stages of a Twin Flame Connection

By: Advisor Adeena

Stage One- Desire To Find Each Other 

This is the first stage. You may have experienced bad relationship after bad relationship, struggling to understand why you have not found happiness with “The One” that doesn’t yet exist in your life. You wonder if there is better out there you wonder when you will truly find the one and what it will feel like. Deep in your heart you know that there is someone out there for you that fits into your life like that missing puzzle piece. But part of you is skeptic – if it truly exists you don’t quite know where or when they will appear in your life. Although you ache for your twin flame, you have a feeling they will appear into your life at some point.

Stage Two–  Visualizing Your Twin Flame

At this point you begin to have a brief glimpses of your twin flame. You start to notice someone in your surroundings and you feel the connection is growing stronger and stronger. All of a sudden your twin flame is on your radar you can feel it or you can sense it. It feels like coming home. But, the anxiety swells confusion, hesitation, excitement and joy all overflow at once. Only thing that you truly know is that this person is truly special and that the universe has put this person in your life and you’re not sure what’s next.

Stage Three –  Falling For Your Twin Flame

When you begin to fall for this person you will fall fast and hard. You will even start to develop feelings for this person before you even truly start to know them. You will feel a connection with this person you’ve never felt with anyone else before. It will scare you because you will love this person so much and feel drawn to this person in such a way. It can feel overwhelming and even make you feel love sick and disorientated. And that’s when this becomes complicated.

Stage Four – Relationship

This step may take some time to get to. Both of you eventually will make your feelings known to each other. Your relationship will feel wonderful, connected, joyful  – everything that you possibly wanted. Then all of a sudden. as you get comfortable in the relationship, things start to go pear-shaped. They start to get difficult and there’s a standstill.

Stage Five – Emotional Hurt And Purging

This stage can be most difficult

Your twin flame becomes distant. You start to feel hurt,disappointed, confused and feel a need to look for answers. There’s no real reason why your twin flame became distant.

All the feelings of hurt start to come to the surface from previous relationships, previous disappointments,hurt and fears. Anger starts to surface. All of these feelings and emotions are necessary for growth of the relationship. It can feel very difficult and overwhelming.

Stage Six – Runner & Chaser 

As things become more difficult it is very common for one partner or sometimes both to distance themselves completely for communication to stop. To physically withdraw and emotionally run away.

It becomes a game of cat and mouse. It’s sometimes involves an emotional shut down and the silent treatment. Other times involves physical separation and non-communication.

As tensions mount it is common for one partner (or sometimes both) to emotionally or physically withdraw and “run” away, and another to pursue in a game of cat and mouse. Other times this involves physical separation and in extreme cases, the permanent termination of the relationship.

Stage Seven- Surrender And Let Go

At this point you’ve reached your wits end you don’t know what’s next you don’t know where you’re going. You’re frustrated that your partner has completely pulled away and now you begin to heal. You say to yourself that you will move on and start fresh with someone new  – that it is best to let things go. A part of you doesn’t feel confident and you step back and forward. It is a very common to go through stages six and seven repeatedly through your twin flame relationship.

Stage Eight – Being At One With Each Other

As all of the previous hurts and problems become  become a thing of the past and this relationship becomes easier to deal with. You will enter the final stage which is finally getting together with each other and having a long-term loving for filling relationship that you have desired from the day that you met this person. You and your partner work on this relationship together to get it to that stable wonderful emotionally connected life changing relationship.

Adeena is an advisor with Psychic Txt

If you have been struggling through the stages and feel overwhelmed contact me for advice and guidance on how to speed up the stages I will  help get you to your most for filling twin flame relationship.

I specialize in all Love, marriage and relationship problems.


  • Debra Mclaren says:

    Thank you for putting this up as this is exactly what I am going through now & I thought I was doing something wrong

  • Julie Burns says:

    Oh my God! Having just read this this describes me & what i have been experiencing for the last 2 years whom i fell fir deeply but neither of us are together & cant be x

  • Tiana Jones says:

    Hello, my ex boyfriend and I are currently going through stage 6 and 7 I feel like. But how do I know for sure he’s my twin flame? I mean he’s and Aries April 14,1997 and I’m a a Leo July 24,1998. We’ve both made big mistakes but yet we stay connected reconnecting and disconnecting over and over again. Like does that mean he’s my twin flame or we just have bad communication skills or both l? Or is it something else entirely? I’m sorry for typing so much but I’ve felt as though he was my twin but idk why I feel like that but after reading your article it’s kind of become clearer that we might be each other’s twin flame but I’m not quite sure yet.

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank You for reading this article. You can contact Adeena through our app to discuss more. From Psychic Txt

  • Lisa todisco says:

    Would I be with a woman Are a man

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank You for reading this article. You can contact Adeena through our app to discuss more. From Psychic Txt

  • Vangie Schulze says:

    I had this with my ex husband and ended up leaving him and divorcing him. I still regret it, but found someone else now and I am now going through the same thing!
    My present husband is doing the distancing part and I feel abandoned and alone!
    I feel like giving up!
    Every time I ask about our relationship everyone tells me we are soulmates and are meant to be together. How do I survive this again?

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank You for reading this article. You can contact Adeena through our app to discuss more. From Psychic Txt

  • Pablo Sierra Garcia III says:

    It’s exactly what I’m going thru but she can’t look me in the eyes and answer to me straight???!!!

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank You for reading this article. You can contact Adeena through our app to discuss more. From Psychic Txt

  • I feel like I go threw this so much but why does so much hurt and pain and lies and back and forth feeling like your not good enough happens… Is it that one will do more for the other and the other always choose everyone over you even after you given almost everything and lost all respect for yourself from others I don’t get it how is that love

  • anon sue says:

    im having this issue.. the best part to deal with this is letting go.. youll find peace and theyll come back to you.. please remember that this is the MOST important part or else you will repeat the steps. dont worry, it will happen if its meant to be.

  • Jade clark says:

    Hya ive been feeling lost the past year really dont know where my lifes going. Ive been with my partner 5years we have had 1 misscrage and 1 eptopic pregnuany i have tryed again for another one but havnt court since last year i do really think i carnt have kids but to sceared to go doctora just in case they do tell me i carnt have kids?? Can you see any thing thats going to happen around me?

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank you for your message. Please talk to an advisor using our app for a prompt and accurate reply to your query. -From Psychictxt

  • Markisha says:

    Hey l been feeling same way about my new Guy l miss he so much we on time out right now.So l was going throw my up in down like when he going call me should l call he know I’m just wait. I just feel like he just a part of me that I can’t go without and I only know him for a month but it’s like I know him forever

    1. psychictxt says:

      Thank You for your message Markisha. Please feel free to contact Psychic advisor Adeena or one of our other advisors through our PsychicTxt App to get further guidance. Best Wishes, From PsychicTxt

  • Jolene yard says:

    This sounds alot like my relationship now noone has ever loved me or made me feel the way he does and it was mutually felt. I have no idea how or why he bacame distant but the more i push the more he pulls away im so hurt and am on the 7th stage im trying to move on its the hardest thing ive ever tried to do failing at every attempt. As soon as im able to let go and move on he’ll realize what he lost and want me back he will need me back i feel it in my soul we will get to step 8. Step 7 is just unattainable right now bc the pain in my soul wont let me let him go.

    1. psychictxt says:

      Hello Carleen, Thanks for your message and we are glad you enjoyed reading our article. If you need further guidance or have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our advisors through our PsychicTxt App.They can guide you best regarding love and relationships. Best Wishes, From PsychicTxt

  • Shaina says:

    I love this article it speaks volumes

    1. psychictxt says:

      Hi Shaina, We are glad this article helped you. Please feel free to talk to an advisor in regards to your particular situation. Best Wishes, from PsychicTxt

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