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8 Things To Know Before Exploring Chakra Healing

8 Things To Know Before Exploring Chakra Healing

From Sivana By Vanessa Williams

This post is for those who are just beginning to explore the mysterious pathways of spiritual enlightenment.

There are a lot of questions that plague the mind, particularly when you’re starting out. What is it going to be like? Where will it take you? This is just a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of an average beginner. Here I intend to address some of the most common concerns about chakra balancing and healing that you need to know before you’re headed out on this way. These concerns will make your journey easier and maybe more meaningful. So here it goes.

1) The Sequence Matters

There are seven chakras in your body. The root chakra is considered the most basic one. Once you’ve strengthened the root chakra, you then move on to sacral, solar plexus (navel), heart, throat, third eye, and, last but not the least, crown chakra.  The important thing to note is chakra healing is supposed to happen in this order. If you try to open your crown chakra without having worked on your root chakra, you’ll not only fail at it but also walk into other complications.

2) Crystals and Healing Gemstones Help

Even though most chakra experts do not personally endorse it, crystal therapy and healing gemstones actually help in aligning the chakras, relaxing the body and mind, and enabling you to see beyond the apparent world. Some people find it more effective when they wear gemstone jewelry. Some find timed therapies better. You need to figure out what works for you.

3) The Guru’s Guidance

Breathing and grounding exercises are quite basic and hence doable by everyone. But when it comes to chakral healing, especially if you’re working on specific chakras, it is always better to look for a guru. Since this practice hails from India, most people think going on a spiritual journey to India does the trick. It may or may not be true. The bottom line is this: if your guru can help you work around your weaknesses, no matter where s/he comes from, they’re a keeper!

4) The Difference between ‘Awakening’ and ‘Opening’ Chakra

In fact, ‘aligning’ of chakras is also an entirely different thing. The first part of chakra healing is identifying these energy sources and regulating them to sustain a balance. The second step is to align them to the normal – this is the line you draw through the center of the body. Overactive or underactive chakras are balanced to make sure they align right through the center of your body. Last but not the least, they’re awakened. This is where the true power of chakra balancing is experienced. You’ll understand it better once you’ve taken a plunge into it.

5) Step One: Grounding

Whenever you’re starting chakra balancing activities, the first step you need to do is ground well. Different gurus suggest different routines for it. The generally accepted practice is sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed and performing breathing exercises. The prime most requirement for this is ensuring there’s no electromagnetic source near you. Your television, Wi-Fi, phone, stereo, PlayStation, and every other gadget should be stored away from sight. Find your internal calm and hold on to it for as long as it is possible.

6) Consistency and Perseverance

Nobody gets it in a day. It takes time and perseverance to get a hang of it. Chakra healing or chakra balancing isn’t something you can master with just a few sessions. In fact the gurus you’ll hopefully be working with might’ve invested years at a stretch to learn the art of chakra healing. So if you’re looking for overnight results, this isn’t something you should pursue.

7) Emotional Problems Materialize As Physical Ailments

Why pursue chakra healing if it is something so complex and hard to get? Well, here’s why. Chakra balancing works to stabilize your emotions. The lifestyle of today builds up stress and tension, both physically and emotionally. Most experts agree that if emotional stress is left unattended, it can transform into physical problems. Chakra healing helps neutralize this effect, paving the way for a healthier you!

8) Experience True Freedom

What happens when you’ve opened and awakened your chakras? Although there are a very few people who’ve done it but here’s what they say – they experience true freedom. There’s freedom of thought and existence. It won’t be wrong to say the feeling is quite out-of-this-world. What more could you ask for? Now that you’ve understood the what, why, and how of chakra healing, I think you’re ready to move to the next step. I’m sure you now have a more realistic set of expectations for this activity. So heal away!


This post was republished with permission from SivanaSpirit.com. You can find the original post here.

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