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Are You Celebrating and Nurturing Yourself?

Are You Celebrating and Nurturing Yourself?

Celebrate-730x425It goes without saying that love, while absolutely beautiful in its purest form, can quickly turn laid back positive feelings into stress and anxiety. This is especially true when you intuitively feel as if things are starting to go downhill in your current love connection. It happens when your partner’s behavior suddenly changes for no apparent reason. It also happens when he or she suddenly becomes distant and treats you in a different manner, and it definitely happens when the relationship shuts down all together. These situations will act as triggers and bring back all the bad relationships from your past. It will seem like you are only meant to keep reliving the same relationship nightmares over and over. You may even go as far as swearing off love forever by convincing yourself you aren’t worthy. You aren’t alone. This is a common reaction for anyone who has been hurt over and over.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and try to evaluate your current situation in a neutral way. Granted, that is much easier said than done if you are hurting, but if you allow yourself to continue to hurt and feel bad all the time, the emotions you project will go downhill and start pushing everything you enjoy out of your life. You may also start neglecting your own needs and constantly feel bad about who you are. It’s no way to live.  No connection, no matter how strong, has a right to affect your belief in self. No relationship, no matter how deep, has the right to strip you of your own happiness.

Go do something nice for yourself today. Nurturing yourself and loving yourself will substantially shift your energy for the positive. It will uplift your spirits, make you feel good about the day and help you to set aside all the negatives that have plagued you for too long now. It has been said before, but when you remain in love with yourself, care for yourself and do things that align directly with your heart, you will begin to exude an energy that is beyond appealing and attractive to the right people. Don’t think for a second you don’t deserve it. You do, and they are waiting to feel it from you, too. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to feel loved and you deserve to feel bliss in this lifetime, but it all starts with you and your view of yourself. Commit to a change today, free yourself from anything holding you back and start living the life you deserve.