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Are You Pushing The Right One Away?

Are You Pushing The Right One Away?

pushawayAfter a long battle with challenging relationship after challenging relationship, a lot of hurt, and bad memories, it makes it more difficult to hold onto something good when it comes into your life. You may feel an instant spark. You may feel as if you are meant to be around this new person, but sometimes, you might push them away. This happens to a lot of us because of what we have experienced in the past.  Are you pushing “The One” away accidentally? The below lists three common reasons why this may be happening.


Fear affects entirely too much in our lives when we let it. It will creep right in and sabotage something great in a moment’s notice. If you have experienced difficult relationships in the past, there is a good chance that fear is still prevalent. Nobody wants to get hurt again. Nobody wants to put forth a tremendous amount of energy into something that will only result in another painful experience. However, it’s important to make sure you are of clear mind when around someone new. If you are focused on what could happen or focused on the things that happened to you before, you may just inadvertently push someone away who is ready and willing to take your connection to a new level.

You Suddenly Don’t Feel Ready, But You Did Before!

A lot of times we may think we are ready for a real relationship again and we will even actively pursue someone right up until the right one shows up! When things start to become real, you may have thoughts regarding all of the other things in your life you need to take care of first. You need to do this or that, or you may think you need to look better before you can handle this, because if you don’t, something is bound to go wrong. Being with someone new, especially when it feels right to be around them should always be the feeling you pay the most attention to. If he or she is right here, right now, and the connection feels strong, take a chance! Don’t’ let this byproduct of fear stop you from something potentially magical.

It’s Not Exactly Who You Expected

Too many expectations can create a lot of unnecessary issues in our lives and especially in relationships. Another common reason for pushing the right person out of your life is due to it being someone unexpected.  Sometimes it’s easy to get our minds set on one type individual and remain unopen to others. But, if you feel a strong connection and your heart says this connection is right, then it’s in your best interest to pursue it. You may be surprised at how things go! Trust the universe will bring the right people into your life!


If you are unsure about someone new in your life even though every interaction feels great, reach out to any one of our seasoned psychic advisors. They each have the ability to look into the energy of your connection and provide you with what to expect next as well as invaluable guidance to ensure a more peaceful journey.