Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

By: Psychic Rhonda

You have been enjoying your new beau for the past few months and have felt that this could be your soulmate however lately you have begun to notice certain patterns and behavior that you have seen before in previous partners. Now your lover’s bliss has been replaced with paranoia and constant fear.  A once loving relationship where you were inseparable has turned into tension and distance. You love your partner and can’t imagine life without them, but yet you feel there is something amiss. When you confront them of course they deny withholding secrets and reassure you that they haven’t lost interest but your sensors are going off left and right.

You may reach out to a psychic to seek the truth only to become even more discouraged when they confirm what your partner has been telling you all along. You continue the relationship, but you have become a different person now. You question your partner’s  every move, you don’t trust them and every interaction ends with an argument due to your constant accusations and doubts. You want to be happy and someday marry them all while having zero faith in them or the relationship(some oxymoron huh?). I wanted to discuss this topic in order to salvage a current relationship or prevent this from occurring in the future.

First of all, you should NOT begin a relationship until you have healed from the last. Healing comes from within and you cannot and should not seek a partner to complete you or repair emotional damage caused by someone else. Case and point: your previous partner cheated on you and ended the relationship to be with that person. This has left you feeling that no one can be trusted and everyone will cheat on you and eventually leave you. You feel that it was your fault or you’re not good enough. Well, if those are your true feelings then it is not the right time for a relationship.This negative thinking will eventually manifest every single thing that you fear and it will come true. Your thoughts are very powerful and should not be taken lightly. This is the last thing you want.

When you become someone who lets your fears consume you and you become hostile with your partner all the time then you cannot expect he/she to WANT to be around you or communicate with you and who would blame them? As my mother would say, you attract more bees with honey. There is nothing wrong with questioning your partner or making sure you both are on the right path – just make sure your delivery is appropriate.

  • Instead of accusing try asking and without hostility. Don’t make irrational decisions based on emotions and assumptions and break up with your partner with no facts or evidence of infidelity and expect them to come chasing after you in order to prove their love. You push some people away and they are liable not to come back.
  • Allow and respect their space. If your partner has mentioned wanting to spend time alone or needing space then respect that and don’t guilt them into feeling that it’s selfish or that they must be doing something wrong. Remember, there is life outside of a relationship. Your partner may also be dealing with a heavier work load or financial or personal matters. Take these things into consideration instead of jumping to conclusions or thinking something negative.
  • Be the partner you wish to have . constant complaining or pressuring your partner to live up to your expectations centered around your insecurities will most definitely create distance in the relationship or worse, cause them to leave you. Be positive and you will get positive. If you feel a discussion is becoming too heated shut it down before things are said that you may regret.

Love is not forced or controlled; it is free and willing. If you find you have to MAKE a person treat you right, love you or be in a relationship with you then this says more about you than them. Therefore their actions are justified by your behavior. If you truly believe the absolute worst then guess what?’s going to happen. Speaking and thinking of only negative things and believing that you will have a positive outcome is basically spinning your wheels. Don’t run from your fears and insecurities, instead face them head on. The only thing that could be holding you back from the relationship you deserve could very well be you. If you feel that this applies to you, then take action right now and start living the happy life you deserve.


If you are at a crossroads in your relationship and are unsure where it is heading, reach out directly to Psychic Rhonda today. She will be happy to provide you with deep insight and no fluff truths so that you can continue moving forward and maintaining the positivity you desire to have.