Are You Too Attached?

Are You Too Attached?

clingyWhen you first meet someone new and hit it off right away, it’s normal to start planning and thinking about all of the things the two of you could do together, but too much attachment over time can lead to a lot of relationship struggles. If you feel the two of you should be doing everything together all the time, then you may need to take a step back and ask yourself why you feel that way.

When you feel confident, driven, and ready to pursue your own goals and dreams, you exude a vibe of self sufficiency and non attachment which can actually make your relationships stronger. Not only do you get to pursue everything you desire for yourself, you also get the added benefit of having someone to share your experiences and dreams with. When you are too focused on the other person and can only see yourself around them and only plan activities both of you can partake in, then it’s possible you may set your own dreams aside and cling so tightly you push them away.

The latter happens most when you have experienced bad relationships in the past. It’s natural to cling tightly when your heart has been shattered over and over. It’s normal to want to do everything right this go around. However, this level of attachment and clinging will drive the other individual away. It can make them feel smothered and unable to pursue any of their own interests. This can create friction and frustration in your relationship. The other party may feel chained down, and you may feel worried and anxious that his or her behavior has been changing. When you see this behavior start to surface, it’s time to take a look at yourself.

Over attaching is a sign of insecurity. While all of us still have our own demons and challenges to overcome, insecurity and a lack of confidence are relationship killers. It’s critical to make sure you are in the right place emotionally before you jump into something new. It’s imperative that you free yourself from your own demons before pursuing a connection with someone important. When you don’t, you may inadvertently hurt the connection, cling too tightly and drive them away. The other person may feel smothered and will likely back away. The healthiest relationships always develop when both parties are secure with who they are and when both feel free to still pursue what they want out of life.

Non attachment also helps you stay in the present moment. We all know the benefits of being present. Have you been around your partner and caught yourself only thinking of what the two of you actually are or what the two of you were going to do next? When this happens, it takes away from what is occurring right now and you may just miss out on an amazing opportunity to connect further. You may also accidentally make your partner feel as if you aren’t paying attention to them. This can cause your partner to pull back which will cause you to cling even harder. This destructive cycle can quickly destroy your connection all together.

Let go, enjoy the time together, remember it’s okay to pursue your own dreams, and respect your partner enough to let him or her do their own thing too. This will not create a separation between you two; it will actually help to make things even stronger. Trust it’s okay to lighten your grip. You may be surprised how quickly your current relationship improves.



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