The Art of Love – A Guide For Those Falling in Love For the First Time

The Art of Love – A Guide For Those Falling in Love For the First Time

By: Psychic Shawn

What is Love?

For those who have experienced love, you very well could be shouting a million different thoughts on what love is to you. This article is for those who have never experienced love before, think of it as a guide book for the first time of falling in love, helping you to understand what you are feeling. Love in itself represents the power of human existence; love transcends time and space, mind and soul. Your reality can be changed into something of an alien experience for those who are falling in love for the first time as they find themselves feeling anxious, worried, excited, fearful, doubtful, and practically feeling as if they are going mad.


Your skin flutters at the thought of that person, your heart beats faster than you ever thought it could beat, you feel your stomach twisting and turning as if you are on a roller coaster (aka the butterfly experience). You feel these emotions of desire, passion, care, and deep affection building up for someone you never knew before. If you are experiencing any of this, don’t be afraid, you are falling in love! You may say, “Shawn am I falling in love? You mean I am not yet fully in love, how stronger can these feelings get?”  Well my answer to you is even stronger! Love is the proof of a higher knowledge and existence within this universe. Love is what unites two people to become as one and share a life. Love is the manifestation of what could be and can be in life. What I mean by that is – life is meant to be a joyous thing and sometimes everyday struggles, as in work, family, education, home etc. can pull us from that joy, whereas love is what brings us back to Mother Earth to a peaceful and centered place, with someone who we could feel safe and secure with. And, feel as if nothing else matters except being in that moment with the one you love. Love will be the end of war, love will be what conquers sadness, love will be what is remembered the most in life. Love is life, love is us, love is human.

Scientific and Spiritual Knowledge of Love

1: What happens to you physically while falling in love :

When you first fall in love, you produce a hormone called oxytocin (aka the love hormone). When this is released huge amounts of joy, pleasure, happiness, and a feeling of fulfillment consume you. You feel as if you have a whole new meaning on what happiness is! Every time you are with that person your heart races, your hands become clammy, your stress levels go up (because love isn’t an easy thing). The neurotransmitters in your brain respond to love with a feeling of euphoria, bliss harmony, and balance. You feel centered and alive when that person is around you, you become sleepless, motivated and inspired, your ambitions and dreams are pushed stronger, because you want your partner seeing you do good in life. You will even day dream about the possibilities between you both.
2: What happens spiritually when you first fall in love:

You gain a higher knowledge of spiritual intuition. When you fall in love with somebody you connect to their soul emotions and that is why it is called a partnership where two become one. You feel what they feel, and sometimes you don’t understand your own emotions which can cause you to question what’s going on. It can be your partners feelings that you are experiencing, so if you ever feel lost, lonely, upset or confused, and have no reason to be,  it’s best to let your partner know you are there for them, because most likely you are experiencing what they are feeling (and sometimes even thinking, depending on how strong the love is between you both. Having this gift of spiritual intuition for your partner bestowed upon you from the universe can help you both understand each other. In the long run, having mixed emotions isn’t something to be afraid of, you are just feeling in that moment what your loved one is feeling. It’s best to practice meditation and learning how to separate your feelings from theirs.

What To Do When Things Slow Down

Love is a roller coaster, it’s fast exciting thrilling, and scary, and eventually the ride stops and things slow down, and you may find your partner (after say a year of being together) no longer brings that rush of energy to you. They may become distant, cold and very unattached. It may seem like you both are fading but you aren’t. Every relationship has its ups and downs. What you experience in the start won’t last forever, there are many stages to a real relationship and understanding that is important, especially if you are in love for the first time. Communication is most important, allowing each other to have their own space is critical to success too. When things become dull, take a break for yourself, allow the moment of negativity to pass, and once you restart things with your partner, you will find you and the one you love starting the next chapter.


If you have any questions about your feelings or are wondering why the excitement you felt before is suddenly changing, reach out to me today. I will be happy to provide you with the insight you need.



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