Astrology 101

Astrology 101

By: Psychic Shawn

Astrology is the fundamental nature of  who we are as a whole in humanity. It is the very existence of our soul, our personality, our destiny, our passions/dreams/desire/goals and what drives us upon the journey which we feel is meant for us. We all have a purpose and our own beliefs in life the way we approach certain situations, the way we agree to disagree – it is what makes us human and unique. The reason we do all of this is because of astrology and where it is aligned within our birth chart. Most people are familiar with there sun sign,  but none are aware of  their ascendant sign or moon sign. The ascendant sign or rising sign is who we are reflecting to others  – it is the personality we put forth the way we behave when meeting new people and being in different social settings. For instance one acts totally different around a lover than they react around friends, family, and co workers. Sun sign which everyone is aware of have a lot of misconceptions –  it is believed to be our full soul self when in reality it is who we are to our own self and how we view our life and what we feel on the inside. Most will never know the true you. Only you can and that is all because of astrology. So again, your sun sign is who you know yourself to be and your ascendant sign is who others know you to be.


How The Planets Affect Us
The planets are living celestial bodies within the universe each serving there own purpose in our lives. The moon is associated with emotions feelings and our mood. Venus represents love, romance, desire and beauty. Jupiter is the planet of luck, wealth, higher knowledge, self awareness, education and personal growth. Mercury is the planet of communication and technology. Most people are afraid of mercury when it goes retrograde. They refrain from signing contracts, having serious communication or trying to do anything with work because they feel things will not work in there favor while this planet is in retrograde. When in reality you can still live your every day life, It is not to be feared rather a moment to take a step back and revalue what is important and what is not when mercury  is in retrograde you can really have the time to start to think more and see if certain situations still benefit you and are the best for you. It is also a moment to see what needs to be changed and what needs to be dealt with. This is what Mercury wants. The planet Mars represents ambition, goals, dreams, drive and energy. It is the planet of creation. The planet Saturn represents fears, struggles, strife, difficulties learning from challenges and becoming strong by battles that were won in your life. Neptune is the planet of healing, spirituality and the master of dreams. Pluto is the planet of transformation, reinvention and change. The sun is the main source of happiness and strength. These planets are forever in rotation and move within our astrological chart every month and this is what brings us new journeys and new memories. Depending on where the planets are placed monthly within your chart will ultimately determine the changes within your love life and relationship. This is why it is important to those seeking love or looking to develop their relationship stronger should study and focus on astrology to have a better understanding of what is happening in there lives. The answers are in the stars


Which Signs Are Most Compatible
Water signs are the most emotionally and spiritually in tune and psychic of the whole zodiac. They are the feelers – the philosophers, the deep thinkers, the ones who are the hopeless romantic and the most loving and caring. They are in love with the idea of love. Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are the most mysterious, alluring, sensual, and poetic within astrology. Scorpios in love need a strong partner – they are not here for weakness, they prefer strength – someone who can be invested with them as much as they are able to invest within others. The best compatible signs for Scorpio would be Leo and Gemini since Scorpio seeks someone who is romantic and confident in love. As for Cancer,  Aries and Libra make a perfect match since Cancer always looks for emotional security and affection within relationships. Pisces’ perfect matches would be Capricorn and Virgo. Pisces seeks understanding when faced with struggles in a relationship and truth and these individuals will be able to bring it to them.

For the fire signs, the ones who are larger than life, and are the ones who can bring change into the world they are the career driven strong and confident and aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are a force of power some can’t handle. They love to have control in all areas of their life and this sometimes can cause conflict in relationships. The perfect match for Sagittarius would be Taurus and Aquarius because Sagittarius seeks someone who is upfront and speaks what they feel. The perfect match for Aries would be Scorpio and Virgo  because the Aries seeks someone who isn’t taking away their sense of power or meaning. In a relationship these individuals together are able to have a perfect balance. The right match for Leo would be Capricorn and Scorpio. Leo is a passionate and loving sign and needs the same in return to always feel secure in love.

As for air signs – the dreamers of this universe, and the ones who’s thoughts flow in many directions have several compatible options too. Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are always up for a adventure and enjoy doing fun and exciting things. They are busy people and always needs something in there life to bring them joy. The perfect sign for Aquarius would be Pisces and Virgo since this sign seeks compassion and entertainment and when these signs get together there will never be a boring moment! The perfect match for Libra would be Cancer and Scorpio. Libra is the most emotional sign of the zodiac other than the three main prominent water signs and Cancer and Scorpio will be able to understand Libra when there partner is angry, sad, confused or upset. The best match for Gemini would be Taurus and Aquarius since Gemini seeks someone who likes to travel and see new things and not stay in one position. These individuals would make a great match.

For earth signs  – Capricorn Virgo and Taurus the ones who are grounded homebodies, secretive, full of knowledge and the ones who are the most sincere. The perfect match for Taurus would be Gemini and Libra. These individuals are able to bring the Taurus happiness they have been seeking. When these signs come together they are known to form long lasting relationships and are very committed to each other. The perfect match for Virgo is Aries and Cancer since these signs both seek a fairy tale type of love and together they can make there Day dreams into reality. The best match for Capricorn would be Pisces and Leo since Capricorn seeks someone who is in tune and understanding of there surroundings. These individuals are inseparable.

If you have any questions about your own connections or want to have a better understanding of your compatibility, please feel free to reach out directly to me in the Psychic Txt app today. I am here for you and love helping people their their love life and relationships to the next level.