How Does Astrology Affect My Life?

How Does Astrology Affect My Life?

zodiacoBy: Psychic Fern

Astrology gets dismissed and thrown around a lot by skeptics. But did you know the origins of astrology are expansive, native cultures from all over the world relating to the effect of planets on their lives on earth, despite having limited to no contact from their remote regions. Modern western astrology comes from the Roman interpretation of the planets and their energy of influence.

But how does it work? Why should the planets have any impact on your life? Well, one strong standing theory has to do with the energy of the sun. Everyday, at all times, the sun is emitting electromagnetic waves onto the earth in the form of light, or energy. All bodies of energy transmit a frequency of energy to its surroundings in this form, coming from atomic vibrations. Indeed, when you walk into a room with your friend and “Sense” how they are feeling, you are picking up on their electromagnetic frequency! So the Sun acts as a way station, transmitting the frequency of its surrounding solar system, being each planet, onto us.

The moment we are born, the Sun is emitting a very unique and particular wavelength down onto earth, which shows the exact alignment of each star and planet in our solar system. You can think of this as a “blueprint” for our underlying traits within this lifetime. This is why it’s important, when finding your chart, to know exactly the date, time, and location of your birth, so as to get the most accurate view of the planets position when you were born. What this includes, is our challenges, our underlying personality, our hopes and our fears, and more. Where we will need to grow, and where we will need to rest. Think not of your astrological chart as a Destiny, so much as a manual of where we could self reflect more, and how to build on our inherit strengths and talents.

The Sun Signs, like Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, etc, are the very tip of your astrological blueprint. While important, this only shows your outward personality to the rest of the world. Your Moon sign shows you inward personality, what you tend to only show yourself and those you trust. And with the 9 recognized planets in our solar system, how they cross or form shapes, you get a complete view of your blueprint.

I hope you understand a bit more about astrology, and why it is unique to each of us!



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