Being Lost And Alone

Being Lost And Alone

alone1It’s safe to say that most of us have gone through periods where our lives feel directionless and without purpose. These are the periods where you will experience sleepless nights and contemplate your life and the direction it is moving. You may find yourself focusing heavily on your past experiences and how they got you to where you are today. You may even start beating yourself up for your past and make the assumption you are trapped and will never climb out of the hole you are stuck in. For many of us, these types of feelings also create a sense of being completely alone. You are alone because communicating these types of feelings to your friends will only result in regurgitated cliche advice they read on Facebook earlier that day. You are alone because these are the types of feelings that are uncomfortable to share and you are alone because everyone else has a seemingly perfect life while you wake up each morning, choose a new mask to wear, and then go through your day pretending everything is perfect and wonderful. Granted, sometimes we don’t share because our egos get in the way, but most of the time we simply want to find our own way. If you have felt this way lately and have experienced difficult nights full of harsh introspection, then it is probably time to make a real change.




It’s Okay To Be A TravelerDo-not-go-where-the-path

For a good part of our lives, we are told that we must do A to get to B and so on. We are led to believe it is essential to follow a preset path, built by
society, in order to experience real satisfaction and happiness. We are told we
must do this or that in order to be accepted and welcomed into this
world. For a lot of people and especially for anyone who is sensitive by nature, these types of rules and restrictions are a quick way to feel smothered and even depressed. Going through life doing what everyone else expects you to do rather than following your own heart is a guaranteed way to live without satisfaction. Be a traveler and allow yourself to get lost from time to time. If you never get lost and don’t know what is coming next, you will never experience anything new. You will have a hard time exploring everything you want to see and will miss out on a lot life has to offer. Know it’s okay to take a left turn at the old Oak tree in order to explore new and exciting hidden areas  you never knew existed. Put on your hiking shoes, step off the beaten path, and allow your intuition to lead you down a new road full of new possibilities and opportunities. Not only can this remove the feeling of being lost, it can easily open up new doors for you and lead you to what you have always wanted. It’s your life; live it your way. Do what makes sense to you and listen exclusively to your own instincts. You will no longer feel lost and alone, instead you will actually start to embrace uncertainty and in the process,  you will intuitively know you are on the right path for yourself. Trust it.

obstaclesThere Are Too Many Mountains

The very first step down a brand new unexplored path can be beyond freeing, but after a few steps, it’s possible your head might start taking control. Fears and worries will start to surface out of nowhere and instead of looking at the wonder that surrounds you and blindly forging ahead into a new and exciting unknown, you may only see insurmountable obstacles that serve to obstruct your path. These mountains are created by fear. The more you focus on them, the more you will see. Before you know it, there will be mountains everywhere and you will run back to the safety of the path that you felt miserable on before. Don’t let your mind spiral out of control. Know the obstacles you see have been manifested by your own thought patterns. Push through it. There is a reason you felt compelled to try something new. There may even be a chance here for something great, but you won’t know unless you try. Life is about taking chances, living, and finding out who you are. If you allow yourself to stay stuck in the same patterns and avoid taking new risks, you will never experience the level of happiness you deserve. Give it a try, trust it, and keep moving forward.



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