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Tarot Read for Tuesday 8/11/15 – Ten of Pentacles

11.08.2015 in Free Tarot Readings

10pentacles Tarot for Tuesday 8/11/2015 – 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles is typically a card of fortune and positive monetary matters, but in the Deviant Moon, this card can indicate a longing to be more secure. Do you feel as if you are working harder than everyone else but unable to reap the same rewards? Are you giving all of your energy to a current state of lack? If so, it’s time for a focus change! Be grateful for what you have around you and start down a new path that will lead you to everything you desire.

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Tarot Read for Tuesday, 8/04/15 – Three of Wands

04.08.2015 in Spirituality

Tarot for Tuesday 8/04/2015 – Three of Wands

In the Steampunk Tarot, the Three of Wands is a card of action. It’s about clearly seeing the end result of our actions and knowing that our efforts will pay off with diehard discipline. Drive forward today, keep your eye on the goal and you will begin to achieve your desires before you even expected.

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