Can You Live An Exciting and Fulfilling Life?

Can You Live An Exciting and Fulfilling Life?

fgp_3jumping-1024x769We’ve talked a lot about relationships lately, but this week I would like to focus in on the importance of creating a genuinely exciting and enjoyable life. This is something everyone deserves, yet it is something that always seems out of reach.

It happens all the time. You watch a show or see a commercial that depicts people with fascinating and perfect lives. They have all the love they want, all of their needs are met, and they are all smiles , all the time. It also seems like there are always new adventures that create even more excitement in their wonderful lives. You may even have a friend who experiences the same. It can be hard to see this in your own life sometimes, especially if you have felt stuck or at a standstill for some time now.

Life doldrums happen to the best of us. It’s easy to get stuck in a regular routine where nothing ever feels fresh or new. It’s easy to become bored and feel like there is nothing exciting out there for you. It’s also very easy to get stuck in a mindset where you believe that nothing good will ever come your way, but the truth is there are always new opportunities around us all the time. There are always brand new things to see that can inspire you and make you feel alive. Below please find three things you can start doing right now to change your life from dull and routine to exciting and full of new opportunities.

Have A Cheat Day
Many of us are creatures of habit. We feel secure when we do the same things over and over each day. It brings a sense of accomplishment and also creates a feeling of security; however, when that routine isn’t ever broken, life starts to get boring. You will lose the feeling of excitement because there is nothing new. Just like a dieter needs to take a cheat day every now and then to reset their metabolism, it is also necessary to have a cheat day in life in order to reset your energy. Take a break, go do something completely different. Go do something you have been wanting to do for a while, but never made the time for. Not only will it help to remove the lull you have been feeling, you may even uncover a new passion that positively shifts your life in a better direction.

Where Is Your Focus
Are you focusing on how dull your life is or are you brainstorming new things for you to do? Our mindsets play a critical role in the way life turns out. Constant focus on only the negatives is a guaranteed way to stay stuck. Instead, come up with new things to do and then make time for them. I wish I could do this or I wish I could do that doesn’t help. Make yourself take action. Pursue what makes sense to you and what you have always wanted to do. That type of drive and momentum will shift your energy and will attract what you need to get it done right to you. Simply believe it and do it. Know there is more.

Be Here Nowenjoymoment
We’ve discussed the importance of getting in the now several times, but doing so allows you to see so much more. Next time you take a cheat day, work
on only focusing on the day moment by moment. Don’t let thoughts creep in regarding what you feel you should be doing instead. Then, take a look around you. What all do you see? How is it different? What do you feel? Are you seeing things you didn’t see before? When we are present and in the moment, not only are we more open to receiving our own intuitive information, we also subconsciously remove the blinders that have inhibited our vision. I remember the first time I did this exercise with my son. We saw things outdoors we never noticed before. It was as if the world and our surroundings were brand new again. Give it a try because it will also refresh your energy and purge any unwanted thought patterns from your mind. A fresh mind along with renewed energy levels will open new doors for you and help to create the exciting life you have always wanted.

If you are feeling stuck in life and wanted to know how to create a new and fresh exciting life, reach out to any one of our talented psychic advisors. They can look deep into your energy and uncover what you need to do to start fresh.