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Car number numerology: What is your vehicle number?

Car number numerology: What is your vehicle number?

According to Indian numerology, there’s energy in every number. if you are buying a car or a bike then it’s important to focus on choosing a fortunate number for you. Numerology tells the science of numbers that you need to focus on while selecting your vehicle number. Wondering how you can choose a lucky vehicle number? Willing to know about Car number numerology? If yes then let’s learn everything about vehicle numerology from this article:

An Insight of car numerology

In numerology, every alphabet has a number value. By checking the alphabet, you can get an insight into the number that is lucky for you.

A, I, J, Q, Y1
B, K, R2
D, M, T4
E, H, N, X5
U, V, W6
O, Z7
F, F8

According to the above table,

a vehicle number WB 8 UL 9902= 6+2+8+6+3+9+9+0+1= 44+ 4+4=8

Number 8 in numerology represents Saturn which has both negative and positive impacts.

This way, you can also find what your lucky car number numerology is.

3 simple tips to select a number for your car as per numerology

Mainly, there are 3 rules following which you can choose a fortunate vehicle number according to numerology for yourself:

1.    Avoid the combination of digits that causes accidents

In vehicle numerology, numbers 4, 8, and 9 are not considered good as these are accident-prone numbers. Whenever you are choosing a car number, avoid too many 4’s, 8’s and 9’s or their combinations.

2.    Select a number that is as per your birth number

The birth number is always harmonious so you should choose a car number that represents your date of birth. If someone is having a birthday of 16 then the lucky number for them would be a combination of these two digits which means 7.

3.    Choose a number in increasing order

Another crucial rule to follow while choosing a lucky car number is that your car number should be in increasing order. This sort of number is considered to have good and positive impacts on life.

Repetition of 0’s in car number

As per the Car number numerology, there’s no harm in having one zero in the vehicle car. The occurrence of number 0 in vehicle number doesn’t impact. But, make sure there’s no combination or repetition of zeros in your number.


Car number numerology has its own significance so it’s always advised to choose a car number by keeping the above mentioned in mind. Every number has certain energies which impact life aspects either negatively or positively. If you’ve concerns and queries related to the number numerology of vehicles then consider navigating to the Psychictxt.