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  • Ace of Pentacles

    “There is unlimited potential for unlimited success” The Ace of Pentacles (coins) comes up bearing good news. it’s the beginning of all good things, luck, opportunities, joy, and promises to bring a new ray of hope in your life, like the rising sun in its background. it’s an indication that things are or soon going…

  • PsychicTXT was LIVE!

    Meet some of your Favorite PsychicTXT Readers!Jodi, Dan, Eden, Twifly, Julia and Jenn were available on Friday August 13th for a Meet and Greet Live Streaming Event If you have not downloaded our app, please do so at www.psychictxt.com Your First Text is FREE!

  • Attitudes That You Should Avoid When A Relationship Ends

    Ending a relationship is not usually easy, many memories remain, also, depending on how things happened, there may be mixed feelings that inevitably make you feel bad. But this is not the end of the world, to overcome a break it is necessary to avoid these typical attitudes that damage your peace of mind and…


    This month, I was drawn to love life, and what lessons are needed to help things succeed in love. We all have areas we can grow in, and one of the biggest concerns I see is love and romance. Let’s see what you need to know to make things better in that area of life….


    Asking what to do for mini-readings, I was shown new beginnings, and the importance of planning, and working on setting goals. Pick the picture that you’re drawn to, then go to the corresponding number, to see how to go about things this summer, with fresh beginnings. The first thing I am seeing here, is to…


    This month, I’m drawn to do career mini readings. To see how things are going to go with your career/employment the rest of this year. Look at the picture, and see which picture draws you in. Not necessarily one you like, but one you are drawn to. Then go to the corresponding number, for guidance…