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12.01.2021 in Psychics, Relationships, Self Love, Soulmate, Spiritual Reports, Spirituality, Travel

A true year of change, abundance and growth are ahead. We have triumphed through 2020! We; on the verge of a brand new fulfilling year, have much to look forward to! As the universe shifts, government changes take place, and internal realization manifests- this is a year to be ready for!


The following insight for the new year is to inspire and motivate everyone; for my prediction shows this year being very cherished! After much anticipation; 2021 is the year of the Ox, the Cow in Eastern Chinese Zodiac. Allowing us to relish in a new fundamentally stable,

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2018 Best Travel Destinations

02.01.2018 in Empowerment, Life Path, Travel

By: Psychic Samantha

Happy New Year to you all!

Here are my predictions Best places to travel in 2018.

So my first prediction of best places this new year is during the springtime would be London, UK.

This city is well known for Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum and so much more! This is a fun place for a couple as well as family. London UK was voted best #1 best Family Vacations in Europe. As well As #1 Best Place to Travel in March.

The weather at this time is Typically 40-50 degrees

There Are over 23000 places to dine in London alone.

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Good US Travel Destinations for 2017

29.12.2016 in Holidays, Manifestation, Psychics, Spirituality, Travel

ann_new_200x20017 Predictions of 2017 – Day 5 – What Are The Best US Travel Destinations for 2017?

By: Psychic Ann

Hi there thank you so much for joining me here at Psychic Txt. I am Ann, everybody is truly looking forward to a great 2017! What better than starting off the new year with some great travels. I want to be tapping  into some amazing places that can truly give us great vibrations with sight sound and feel these are some areas of where we can find peace and tranquility in  2017   as well as bringing that spiritual balance at home  to help create a stable happy mind body and soul!

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