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Cheiro numerology- What is Cheiro Numerology and what does each Cheiro Number represent?

Cheiro numerology- What is Cheiro Numerology and what does each Cheiro Number represent?

Saying this wouldn’t be wrong, there’s been a lot of belief about destiny and numbers ever since the old times. One of the most reckoned numerologies that have been in use since ancient times is the Cheiro Numerology.  This is mainly a branch of numerology that has a strong connection to the Chaldean School of Numerology. From ancient times, Cheiro, a famous numerologist from the 19th century, has made use of Chaldean numerology. This is why he is known as the father of cheiro numerology. Are you interested in knowing about this type of numerology? Do you want to know what this numerology is and what each number indicates in Cheiro Numerology? If yes then scroll down to know more about it:

Understanding the History of Cheiro: His popular predictions

In the 19th century and 20th centuries, Cheiro made a lot of predictions that came true also. Cheiro was one of the most famous numerologists that made predictions keeping numerology in mind. Let’s find out about his predictions:

·         Based on this Cheiro name numerology, he made predictions about some fo the famous wars. His predictions were about World War 2 and the Russian War Revolution.

·         With this numerology knowledge, he made predictions about the serious tragedy of the Titanic sinking.

·         Cheiro also used name numerology to predict the Prime Minister candidate ship of Arthur James Balfour for the United Kingdom.

·         Apart from all these predictions, he also predicted his own death in the year 1936.

Whatever predictions he made using numerology were so precise that many people started believing in numerology. Today, many people are using the Cheiro numerology chart to understand their destiny and bring success to life.

What is a Cheiro numerology chart and how to use it?

In this section, let’s learn about the Cheiro numerology chart. In this chart of numerology, you’ll find only 8 number digits that signify different things. However, the digit 9 is not included in this chart. There’s a saying that the number 9 is a holy number and has a sacred place so it cannot be used in the numerology chart.

How is the Cheiro Numerology Chart useful in making predictions?

In the Cheiro chart, every number holds a significant position and is linked with human lives. These numbers connect with different spheres of life such as life, success, career, health, wedding life, and many other things.

If you want to make accurate predictions about your life and other aspects then you can do this with the Cheiro chart.

To know the exact predictions about life, calculations are done on the person’s name number and birth number using the numerology chart.

Is Chaldean numerology accurate?

Yes, Chaldean numerology makes accurate predictions by using the Cheiro chart. The father of numerology made so many predictions in the past that were accurate. This is why people have a strong belief in Cheiro and Chaldean numerology.

Know about all 8 numbers and their significance in Cheiro numerology

In Cheiro numerology, there’s a meaning to every number that either positively or negatively impacts lives. Let’s start this number 1:

·         1 Number

For this number, the ruling planet is the Sun which means people with the number 1 as per the numerology will have the blessings of the planet Sun. Also, these people are full of positivity and leadership quality. Also, they are strong-minded people that can perform well in their career.

·         2 Number

The people belonging to the number 2 in the Cheiro numerology chart are considered to have positive attitudes and leadership qualities. This number also indicated kindness and a strong attitude. White and pearl is associated with the people of this number group.

·         3 Number

Cheiro numerology number 3 indicates that the main planet is Jupiter which provides all the wisdom and knowledge. The people with this number 3 are very disciplined, dominating, knowledgeable, and intelligent by birth. Also, they can be great in finance and leadership qualities.

·         4 Number

Now, let’s learn about the number 4 in Cheiro name numerology. Uranus is the leading planet of this number which indicates creative thinking. People with this number can make their own path by making efforts and attempts.

·         5 Number

In the Cheiro Numerology chart, number 5 people are associated with Planet Mercury. For them, green color and emerald are the options to go for. People with this number have strong willpower and bigger aspirations. They are not just thinkers, they believe in doing something.

·         6 Number

Now, let’s talk about the people with the number 6 in numerology. For these people, Venus is the ruling planet. They are highly loyal and have a great romantic life.

·         7 Number

Number 7 of Cheiro Numerology will have Neptune as the ruling plant. This effect of Neptune makes these people highly knowledgeable. Because of their knowledge, they can be philosophers and great leaders.

·         8 Number

The people of number 8 have strong opinions about different genres. For them, Saturn is the ruler because of which they have strong feelings about Karma.


From ancient times, Cheiro numerology is one of the most effective numerology that makes accurate predictions. If you’ve any query related to this numerology then you can consider navigating to the psychic Txt app.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cheiro numerology?

Cheiro numerology is based on the Chaldean culture that predicts accurately. According to the father of Cheiro, Cheiro’s numerology is the accurate one.

2. Is 7 a good number in Cheiro numerology?

Yes, it is a good number in Cheiro numerology as its ruling planet is Neptune.

3. What does number 4 indicate in the cheiro numerology?

Number 4 indicates Uranus planet which is for creative thinkers and problem solvers.