Choosing A Psychic Advisor

Choosing A Psychic Advisor

jeremybio2By: Psychic Jeremy

Choosing an advisor that is best suited to help you is an important decision. This is because there are few, if any, psychics that can connect to everyone.  There are some people that have walls or barriers up (consciously or not) that do not allow anyone to connect to them. Some Psychics can get passed these walls and some cannot. This is something you have to take in mind when choosing your advisor. That being said though, while this may be the case, it is extraordinarily rare to not be able to establish a connection for one reason or another but it does happen.


While choosing a psychic that is just unable to connect is certainly a concern, there are many advisors that will be able to connect with you but not as strongly as others. This is why it is important to use your intuition when choosing because if you can feel a connection with the advisor, they will also have a stronger connection to you and be able to provide a clearer reading to you.


There are many people that will choose their advisor solely on appearance, or relating to their background, or finding their credentials impressive but none of this is really relevant to your decision. This is because every person has an intuition. You know that feeling you get when you are walking in a darkened alley at night, or when you are next to a person on the street and you just feel something is off about a situation or a person. In many cases this is your intuition speaking to you through feeling. There are countless stories about Cops who just know a situation is going to go bad, or a soldier who just felt they were being watched by a sniper and reacted in the nick-of-time.


What I am saying is to focus less on the profile, on the advisor’s appearance or credentials or experience and more on how you feel. Do you feel like there is a connection? Does something feel right or off? Trust this feeling because this will lead you to the person that will give you the best advice and best reading.


That being said, you must also be aware that some of the best readings will be exactly what you do NOT want to hear. You must use your intuition with the readings as well. If it upsets you but it feels accurate, then you just got a good, honest, and accurate reading. If the reading is everything you want to hear and makes you super happy but feels off, you must trust that feeling and you may want to seek out a different advisor or just take some time to meditate (or pray) on the issue for yourself.


The vast majority of us advisors are Light-workers and Healers. We do readings because we are here to heal and help you along your path. But we don’t choose our clients, our clients choose us. So choose wisely and choose with your intuition.


Best wishes to you. Peace, Love & Light!!


~Psychic Jeremy


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