What Climate Changes Can We Expect in 2017?

What Climate Changes Can We Expect in 2017?

17 Predictions of 2017 – Day 15 -What Climate Changes Can We Expect in 2017?

Hello, I am Desiree and this is my climate and weather prediction for 2017.

The predictions I am getting for the new year of 2017 – for the winter  – expect colder than average temperatures to the East Coast early on for the months of January to February. For the west coast it will be drier than usual and the drought will continue for southern California and Arizona, while some days may be extremely wet it wont be enough to end the drought on the west coast.

In the midwest, expect to see lots of snow up until the months of April-May.

The temperatures for the whole United States will be above average this year throughout each season. The temperatures are reaching above average in the summer of 2017  and there will be heatwaves and excessive heat for the west coast and down in the south.

The global climate changes for 2017 

There has been research suggesting the global climate cooling period beginning in 2017, but my spirit guides have shown me a completely different path, there is no cooling down period the earth has been in global warming for a long period of time and its something that is going to continue for years to come. If you feel strongly about this topic, make sure to make your feelings known! Let’s ensure everyone knows a real issue exists.

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