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Corona Virus – When will it end?

Corona Virus – When will it end?



The most talked-about Corona Virus started in the city of Wuhan in China. All the experts in the world are trying to work on finding a cure for this deadly virus. Can astrology help in finding reasons and preventive measures to be taken by when it will be eradicated?


If we look at it from an astrology standpoint, the presence of coronavirus taking the form of pandemic is not a mere coincidence but special astrological reasons are available behind it. In astrology, both Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the planets of diseases and hidden diseases due to infection of bacteria or viral  infection. Jupiter represents life for all living beings on this planet, so whenever Rahu and Ketu come together or are combined with Jupiter and Jupiter starts suffering, diseases spread at such times are very difficult to fix or solve. Since March 2019, Ketu was in Sagittarius which was polluting Jupiter’s zodiac and on 4 November 2019, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius the conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu indicates infectious diseases. This became the main reason that we have this pandemic. The first case of coronavirus appeared in China in the month of November 2019, after which this infectious disease started spreading across the globe. On 26 December 2019, just 14 days after the solar eclipse there was also a lunar eclipse, due to which the disease expanded and took different countries into its grip.


As it spreads, this virus reaches the lungs directly through the nose and then throat, according to astrology, Mercury will be debilitated from April 7, which will increase the disease further. This virus goes through the nose into the throat and then into our lungs and gets stuck easily, it multiplies there and after that it starts harming. Sun’s transit will control this disease because the sun is considered to be fire and this virus dies due to the fire or acid that the sun produces in the stomach. There is medical evidence to it, if the virus goes out of the lungs with your food, the stomach that produces acid to digest food ensures the virus dies. Therefore, the Sun is the main planet that will control this disease. The ill-effects of Ketu and Rahu in Jupiter make Chandal Yoga and the Chandal tendency of humans has arisen this pandemic. According to research, the virus was found in animals and made by humans, it’s the fault of human beings. Because of the misuse of knowledge by some humans the entire mankind is suffering.


Jupiter planet is the main factor of human life and financial strength and at this time both are suffering and going adversely due to the lack of strength in Jupiter. At present, with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn from March 22, Ketu is giving more strength in conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius, due to which the disease is spreading more after March 22 and is creating terrible conditions. Through this, Jupiter’s conjunction with Mars and Saturn has led to Jupiter suffering more, which has led to this disease becoming worse. In order to control this disease it is necessary to first understand the planets. When the position of Jupiter is strong and Jupiter comes out of these adverse conditions, it will be free from disease and there will be stability in human life. But according to the influence of the planets, from now till 7 April 2020, Mercury will also become less powerful, Jupiter is already debilitated and the combination of Saturn and Mars will cause more infections. With Mercury debilitating, this disease will naturally cause more infection through the nose and throat and stay in the lungs. The pandemic will only end when some auspicious planets help Jupiter come out of this adverse situation.


It will take time to get rid of this problem, because Jupiter will return to Sagittarius on 30 June 2020 and will remain in Sagittarius till 20 November 2020, so the solution to this disease is mainly vaccine or any break. It will be found during this time while complete control and solution of the disease and complete eradication of the virus is possible only after April 6, 2021. There is nothing to worry because Mercury changes the zodiac sign within 1 month and will transit into Aries around April 25. Therefore, the spread of the disease will start ending in a month. In the second phase, the Sun’s radiation will be at its peak from April 13 till May 14, which will prevent the virus from spreading and will weaken it. The control over the worsening condition of the disease will begin after 15 May 2020. It is important to be cautious until May 15, you will have to be careful in every situation. After June 30, you will start getting some freedom. Stay at homestay safe and take great care of yourself.


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