Court Card Tarot- Meaning and Significance

Court Card Tarot- Meaning and Significance

In the mystical realm of Tarot cards, the Court card is one of the intriguing cards that can add both depth and complexity while reading. Also known as face cards, these sorts of cards depict characters in different ranks from kings and queens to knights and pages.

Each Court card will have its significance, and unique symbolism. With this card, you’ll be able to get to know about distinct personality traits, energies, and influences. In this article, let’s explore the captivating world of Court card Tarot, what each card signifies and how to read them.

Court Tarot- Meaning

Court cards are an integral part of the Tarot deck that represents a wide array of personalities, and energies. You’ll find mainly four main Court card ranks in a Tarot deck. Each of them will represent a different level of maturity and experience.

Let’s explore these rankings in a detailed way:


People associated with Pages have youthful energy and curiosity. Also, it signifies the eager pursuit of knowledge. When a Page card appears in court tarot reading, it signifies the beginning of a new journey. Also, it indicates learning opportunities with fresh perspectives.


Knights represent a sense of adventure, action, and determination. If you’re getting this card while reading, it suggests a movement or a change in your life. With this reading, you’ll also get to know about the challenges or quests that need to be faced with courage.


Another rank is of Queens which is associated with the element of water. This card symbolises intuition and emotional intelligence. This card is for those people who are compassionate, supportive and emotional. When a Queen card appears while reading, this indicates the importance of emotional balance and relationships.


King rank is associated with the air element and it exudes leadership and mastery. These cards also signify a strong sense of control and responsibility. People related to this card approach any situation with calmness and a sense of maturity.


Court cards in Tarot represent the diversity of human personalities and experiences. While embarking on the journey of Tarot reading, take your time to understand and connect with these characters. Remember, Tarot is a tool that flourishes with your personal touch and intuition. If you also want to explore court cards tarot reading then consider relying on Psychictxt app.