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Creating Your Own Luck

Creating Your Own Luck

There are times in your life where you feel like nothing is going right and nothing ever will again. You feel like you have the worst luck in the world, and you will never have good luck again. Those are not the times when you should give up. Those are the times when you should start thinking about attracting good luck. Start thinking about attracting or manifesting good luck. It is possible to change your luck.
Changing your luck starts with believing that you can. If you do not believe that you can have good luck, you cannot attract good luck. It really is as simple as that. The first step is to stop thinking that you are cursed or that you only have bad luck. Think about the times in your life where good things happened to you. You didn’t have only bad luck then. Remember how you felt when things were going well for you. You want to recreate that feeling.
Meditation and visualization are great for helping you attract good luck into your life. Picture yourself being a magnet for good luck and positive energy. You are surrounded by something that you associate with good luck like four-leaf clovers. Picture these four-leaf clovers blowing in the wind all around you. Not only are they surrounding you they are starting to stick to you. Good luck is flowing to you and sticking around.
You could also meditate on taking a journey to find good luck. Have fun with it and create an inner journey that takes you to find good luck. Practice this meditation every day or once a week or several times a day. Do what feels right for you. You can picture yourself walking on a yellow brick road or traveling over the rainbow to a pot of gold at the end. It can be whatever you want but make it fun and positive.
The use of an object to help create good luck or attract good luck is an easy way to do it. Use crystals or gemstones such as aventurine, jade, citrine, or amazonite can be helpful. Choose the one that feels right for you and wear it on a necklace, keep it in your pocket, or hide it under your pillow. You can use more than one stone and you can put them everywhere. Also, jewelry with four clear clovers may help inspire you to believe in good luck.
Color can also be a great way to make you feel lucky. Green is usually the color that is most associated with good luck, but you can use whatever color makes you believe in good luck. You can wear clothes and jewelry in that color. Decorate your house, your room, or your office in that color. Use make-up in that color. Again, have fun with it. Do what makes you feel positive and lucky.
Energy healing is also a good way to open to attracting good luck. The healing can help remove blocks that you have in your energetic system. These blocks could be preventing you from manifesting the luck that you desire. Healing and balancing the energetic system along with the chakras can be helpful.
The key is to believe that good luck is possible for you. Create positive energy and get rid of blocks that are holding you down. You do not have to give in to negative energy and the perception of everlasting bad luck. All you need to do is believe in good luck and know that you deserve it.



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