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Dealing With Hot and Cold Behavior

Dealing With Hot and Cold Behavior

hot-and-cold-menIt goes without saying that relationships are never perfect. There will always be challenges that require the both of you work together in order to find solutions and, in turn, become even stronger. Regardless of that, there are few things more difficult than dealing with hot and cold behavior.

What do you do when your new love interest or partner is red hot one day and then just a few days later won’t give you the time of day? What do you do when it’s obvious both of you feel an intense connection with one another, but nothing is manifesting? This behavior can easily cause you to spiral downwards where you question every action you take and start creating thought patterns that only work to sabotage your mindset . Poor mindsets, low levels of self esteem, and self sabotaging thoughts are a quick way to bring the connection to an end all together.

While there are situations where it becomes necessary to turn down a new road, it’s also important to remember there are myriad reasons why this behavior could exist. Below, please find three of the most common reasons:


Reason 1 – External Factors

It is very possible that your new interest or partner could have a lot going on in their life. Sometimes people prefer to work through their issues alone and aren’t comfortable opening up right away. Be mindful of this and don’t try to extract information out of someone especially if the connection is new. Let things take their course and keep the conversations enjoyable at light. Also, make sure you don’t instantly blame yourself for the change in behavior! Again, those types of thought patterns will sabotage the connection all together.

Reason 2 – Fear

Fear is easily the most common reason for this type of behavior. If your connection is new, it’s very possible you don’t fully understand what this person has experienced in the past. Perhaps he or she dealt with an emotionally abusive situation and is terrified to relive that experience. Perhaps your interest has gone through one doomed relationship after another and is uncomfortable taking that plunge once again. Don’t add unnecessary pressure in these situations and start demanding more than your potential partner is ready for. Sometimes baby steps lead to the ending you desire most. Take everything one step at a time.

Reason 3 – Pressure

While this last reason may somewhat contradict what was said before, it is important that you give yourself a check as well. Have you been adding unnecessary pressure to the situation? Are you expecting too much too soon? Is your energy tense and stressed over the direction of this relationship? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may need to spend some time in meditation and get yourself back into the right mindset. Let go for a short while and allow yourself to remove the stress. Get yourself back in the moment and temporarily disconnect if necessary. Find that fun relaxed energy inside of you and start showing that again. While this is easier said than done at times, it can make a remarkable difference.

If you going through a difficult relationship situation that always runs hot and cold and need to find out what the real truth is, reach out directly to any one of our talented love advisors now. They have the gifts and ability to look deeply into your partner and uncover the motives behind the behavior.