Dealing With Jealousy

Dealing With Jealousy

By: Psychic Janette

As far I can remember, I have always had jealous people around me. Was it my cousin, my siblings or someone else who is trying his all tricks to drive me away from someone I dearly love. When I was a kid, it was my cousin who was jealous of that chance to spend all my time with my grandma. She practically raised me. In adult years it is my siblings who are jealous of everything I have achieved, even my love life and my gifts. When I have left my family back another side, of course, I met a new person who decided to be a jerk in order to make sure that I was not welcome. I am a threat instead of trying to come along with me and get to know me.

We have been told that showing some jealousy is healthy in a relationship. This is not true. Jealousy is insecurity of ourselves, our relationship and it comes from a fear that there is a chance that we would lose the person we love. We do not want third wheels to come between, not even close. We become fearful, try to control of our beloved person and the third person can go as far pepper grows, right? (I don’t understand this statement)

The truth is that we have no right to control other people, we can only control our own thoughts, behavior and how we take things when they happen. If we can´t trust our friends, lovers… there is no room for real love to grow and jealousy poisons the relationships. Jealousy is not part of love. It is opposite instead.

Not all third persons are a threat to your relationships, but jealousy can ruin your own love life for sure.  It is time to talk with your partner about your own fears and concerns in this case, to clear your mind and give more mind of peace. We humans tend to overthink about everything, especially our worst scenarios which are not helping anything at all.

Jealousy about another person´s life, gifts (any kind of gifts) etc, comes from not being brave enough of their own life. There is bitterness and other negative emotions involved with a fearful person who would like to live more but is not able to do so. Fear is a major factor why people do not success in their own lives, so they do not most of the cases want other people to success either. They are trying to drag us other down to their level. When we trust ourselves and be proud of who we are, we are much better chances to success in our goals and dreams, if we put our focus and intention on them. Not listening to the people who can´t do it themselves.

How To Deal With Your Own Jealousy?

Jealousy is an emotion that comes from negative thinking and not valuing yourself enough. So it is very important to find the root of your thoughts and work on them consciously.

  • What makes you insecure? Are you willing to work on it?
  • What do you believe in?
  • Why are you believing that way? Not all beliefs in your mind are true., but we create our own beliefs that keeps us stuck with thoughts.

Many years I wanted to become a jewelry designer, I was admiring other artists work a lot and I thought that I am jealous as they can do those beautiful works, but I realized too, that without their work, I would not be able to enjoy of beauty of art. I decided to learn things myself more.

Next time we feel jealousy, we can change our thought into positive: I can´t do it yet but I am ready to work hard to gain this talent or gift. Or If we are jealous of someone else success, we need to start work on our goals with positive manners.

We do not get anything positive with negative attitude. So it is important to keep your mind in track all the time.


If you have any questions about your relationships or questions regarding a jealous 3rd party, reach out directly to Psychic Janette today. She will be happy to look at your connection and help to ensure you remain on a positive path.