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December 2016 Tarotscopes

December 2016 Tarotscopes

hellodecemberBy Laura from My Tarot Advisor:

Welcome to the final month of 2016-a month that has become a flurry of activity that borders on frantic. For many of there will be family celebrations to contend with (even if we choose not to attend), holiday shopping (which triggers us all in unique and different ways) and wrapping up, both energetically and physically, what has transpired in the preceding months.

There is equally a growing sense within that we need to slow down-to tend to the internal fires as we embrace a season of literal and energetic darkness and cold. For some the tendency is to push through-to rush through the obligations of the month, to do more than our fair share and simply prove that we can do it all. What I encourage for us all is to honor that there is a time for the darkness just as there is a time for the light. To honor the space between moments-the stillness that is integral to our growth and expansion.

This is especially true this month as Mercury Retrogrades (appears to move backwards across the sky), on the 19th of this month. It’s time to allow ourselves to slow down-to grant ourselves permission to partake in self-care and nurture our spirits. But first we have the Waxing Half Moon in Pisces on December 7th. As we enter this period we are encouraged to evaluate our structure. Are we building a foundation that is strong and capable of supporting our growth or are we barely holding on by a string? Take time to commit to creating healthy and stable patterns from the most pragmatic (putting your dishes in the dishwasher instead of sitting on the counter for hours) or committing to something larger such as cutting out meat, wheat, sugar or dairy to your diet. No matter how small or large every step is a powerful way of adding stability to our structure so that it may ascend skyward securely.

December 13th, we welcome the Full Moon in Gemini and begin to really push ourselves out of our comfort zone. How can we get rid of any perceptions of limitation in our lives? How can we begin to divesting in beliefs we have fed our power to that held us back and kept us from realizing our dreams and invest in those narratives which make way for growth and fulfillment? Now is a time to really get clear on what you desire for your life and begin to map out a solidly detailed plan on how to get there.

The Waning Half Moon in Virgo on December 20th begs us to get serious about what must be released and what still requires our attention to create the life that we want. Mercury will be retrograde now so think of words with the prefix “Re”. Reassess. Reaffirm. Recommit. Release. What have you harvested this year? How has it served you and what lessons have you learned that you can now let go of and move forward, untethered into 2017?

This theme of introspection and self-inquiry continue as we move into the New Moon on the 28th. This phase takes place in Capricorn which is a sign known for its work-horse qualities, resolve and big, bold action. The energy will make us feel like we need to get up and move but with Mercury still retrograde its best to continue the internal harvest rather than take any external action now.

It’s time to take things deeper; exploring the energy of the month for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These readings are an alchemy of intuitive channelings, astrology, and energetic imprint. To gain a truly vivid picture of your month ahead read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. If you happen to fall within 7-10 days of a change in signs, then you will want to read the one after your Sun sign as well (what is called your cusp sign).

Aries: Destiny – It is your destiny to become whole and connected. To lead a life with soulful purpose and unbridled joy. You have gifts and talents that you have not yet fully explored. Gifts this world needs in a time when healing and connection are so vital to our global community. You were not meant to struggle or live a life of unrealized purpose. You can and must follow your bliss and know that connecting to your destiny is a choice. It’s a choice to release the chains that bind you. To overcome all that destroys your inner and outer peace. To face your fears, to let go of old wounds and current pains and love yourself, your life, with the utmost vigor and unreserved delight.

Taurus: Queen of Air – You are keen and focused this month-a faithful devotee to reason and determination. You see that emotion has served you very well in the past but now is a time which asks that you be more mindful and ask yourself “what do I think” as opposed to “what do I feel”. It’s not that you are detached or uncaring-it’s that you realize that there are things on the horizon which require that your mind be clear and activated. You know that emotion this month will only cloud your judgment and make it difficult to practice impartial objectiveness. It may not be the fanciest of approaches, but oh will it serve you well, dear Taurus.

Gemini: The Seneschal – You walk the path of service this month and surrender to a higher purpose than simply your own personal pursuits. You know that there are times when we can practice a bit of sacred selfishness and a time when we must put aside our own desires to walk a path that lends to the greater good. With this comes great power. Great influence to affect change that will ripple across your family-your community. It can sometimes be a lonely road-to do for others when so many walk only their own path with their own intentions in mind. But with this influence comes power. The power to bring happiness and support to those who may need it more than ever. Know that even while you may feel you are giving more than you are getting that there is something spiritually profound and soul satisfyingly enriching when we show up in service to others.

Cancer: 2 of Air – Do you seek duality or polarity within your life, Cancer? This month’s energy asks you to explore the meaning of each. Duality is a theory which posits that two opposing forces come together in what typically results in chaos. There is a constant struggle between these two opposing forces as one seeks to dominate the other. Polarity on the other hand is the idea that two opposing forces exist in all things. That these are not separate of one another but two forces which require the other-complementary and balanced when working harmoniously. You have an opportunity this month to bring wholeness to your life but you must be willing to open your heart to the light and the dark. Light cannot exist without dark. Hope cannot live without despair. These qualities are each integral to the month ahead as you embrace and are receptive to the moments between moments. It’s time to honor, in this dark time of year, all the dark within you and its many lessons. So, that in honoring these qualities you also honor the light. Grant yourself permission to integrate, to heal and to find wholeness.

Leo: 9 of Fire – The time has come to celebrate all that you have achieved. To honor all the hard work that you have put into your life, into your being. To know that when we keep our hearts open, our minds resolved and our spirits active we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. You know that ease of life doesn’t imply that things always go your way. No, in fact, you know quite well that sometimes the road can be rather difficult and fraught with challenges that test your will. Distractions that can easily take your off course. But you stayed focused. You stayed pure of heart-working diligently not for praise or accolade but for the peace of mind to enjoy a stable foundation beneath your feet. To feel safe in your body and your life. To feel that you can take a small break to enjoy the fruits of your labors without fearing that the other shoe is going to drop. No, you know that now you have worked hard enough that it’s time to quietly and humbly celebrate all the openness and expansiveness that you have invited and cultivated in your life. Now is your time-to rest. To relax. To celebrate.

Virgo: 4 of Earth – Slow and steady wins the race this month. The energy does not favor bold or rushed movement for you, Virgo. You must embrace each step. To honor each movement from the smallest to the boldest. All that you desire-all that you have worked for and asked for is close at hand but you must allow progress to unfold as it is meant to. We can sometimes grow weary and impatient as we near the completion or attainment of something we have strived for. We want it, and we want it right now! We have worked so hard and are ready to see the results of all we have poured our heart and soul into. Impatience in the final steps can lead to hasty decisions. Decisions which threaten the stability all that you have built. The key is to reflect on how far you have come. When you first began you likely couldn’t wait to get to where you are now so honor this progress and now settle into the journey. The pace is soon to quicken so rest and recharge your spirit so you can continue forward with the same dedication and determination that got you to this very moment.

Libra: Desire – What is the narrative you tell about your relationship with that which you desire? Do you tell a tale filled with challenge, obstacle and limitation? Do you feel caught between wanting something and feeling badly because you want it? Do you wrestle with a feeling that no matter how much you work for something it will always be just beyond your grasp? It’s time to shift your narrative and this month’s energy is creating the opening for you to see things differently. To know that its ok to have desires for our life. That we can want things, not merely need them. That we can share our power which is full and rich when we are no longer struggling. What if began to tell a story of dreams that came true? A life that was enriched and overflowing with unbridled ecstasy? What if we began to believe, in the core of our being, that what we desire also desires us? Ahhhhh…. limitless.

Scorpio: The Hero – What drives you? What is the code by which you live your life? What qualities do you feel are essential for living a life of quality and substance? Those who live by a silent, unspoken code are honest for they know that those who lie cannot be trusted and if you cannot be trusted then how can you be respected? They are devoted for they understand that devotion is not applicable simply when it’s easy to be so but also in those times when its undeserved. They fight for those who cannot fight for themselves for they know that sometimes it takes an ordinary person to accomplish extraordinary things. We are the modern-day heroes, if we choose to be. We show up for others and in so doing show up for ourselves. We know that when we abide by a simple code of strong integrity and ethics we invite others to show up in the same way for ourselves. That it’s not about nihilism but through community that we all prosper, find healing and feel capable of building a foundation will in turn support those long after us.

Sagittarius: 7 of Fire – Within us all is ancient wisdom that connects us to divine knowing. It’s a seed that if not properly nurtured will not grow. Our intuition requires our attention-it begs for our attention so that it can continue to open the path ahead. So, that we can see the way forward. So, that each move is empowered with a deep inner self trust that the action we are taking is the right action. The more that we deepen our connection to our intuition we open ourselves to greater information. We add richness to our life that expands our knowing and allows us to see life in a different light. We embark upon a journey of discovery and adventure that ultimately allows us to find our purpose. To arrive at a place where life is meaningful and purpose driven. A place where we feel a contentedness that is unshakable, unbreakable and divinely ours.

Capricorn: Abundance – This month’s energy offers opening for exploring and deepening your relationship with abundance. For many of us this time of year can trigger feelings of lack and worry over limited resources. Our culture tends to glamorize some forms of abundance while paying little attention to others. Where are there imbalances in your relationship with abundance? Do you value things over qualities? Do you spend great amounts of money on items such as clothes but scoff at the cost of quality, organic food that nourishes the body? Do you value what you are given and what you provide in equal measure? In what ways are your beliefs regarding your worth potentially damaging your relationship with abundance? This month’s energy encourages you to spend time thinking about what you value and what that must say about you. To explore your beliefs regarding your worth so you can ensure they offer opportunity for greater abundance. To invite abundance that transcends what we can hold to include that which also holds us.

Aquarius: 11 of Water – When we think of wholeness we tend to “pretty up” the concept to include only those things which make us feel good. We tend to characterize our experience as good or bad based on the judgments we hold over certain emotions. This month offers up a rich prospect for integration and wholeness but only if we shift our perception to include the totality of the human experience. It is our egos that place a value on one emotion over another but the only real result is that we suppress qualities that are integral to our evolution and spiritual growth. It’s how we choose to allow emotion to control our lives that has more an impact on whether or life is good or bad, positive or negative, than a singular emotion on its own. To be fully and authentically integrated we must release all that we have stifled of our emotional experience and invite each quality in. We are encouraged to embrace our fear as much as we do our inner peace. To get to know our anxiety as intimately as we do our security. To know thy self, wholly.

Pisces: Heaven/Earth – You are a spiritual being; a soul that is journeying through a human experience to grow and evolve. This does not mean that you must eschew your modern life or subscribe to a religious practice. Rather it’s an invitation to trust in the inner qualities of your own divine nature. To know that you hold great power to affect change in your life when you tap into this wellspring of power that exists within. The energy this month shatters any illusion of separation from the world around you. It’s as though you are viewing life through new eyes. That you are seeing the divinity of the land beneath your feet. The numinous illumination of the orb of the night inspires you to believe in the mysterious, inexplicable and unknowable qualities of this magnificent journey. You will feel the sense of limitlessness that breaks down doors and crumbles walls that held us back from our highest aspirations. We will rise and we will bring others with us knowing that we rise higher together.


If you would like to know more about your December, reach out to any one of our trusted psychic advisors today. They can look directly into your month and let you know what tomorrow will bring today!




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