DIY Reading – What Can Be Worked On?

DIY Reading – What Can Be Worked On?

Dan has provided us with a DIY reading!

For this one, I asked what I should do for people. I was shown adjustments that can be made, to help things work better. So pick the picture that jumps out at you (not necessarily the one that you like most), then go to the corresponding number for what can be done to help things go better.

  1. The first thing I see here, is to slow down. Make sure that you’re watching everything going on around you, and seeing everything there is to see. I feel there may be something that is getting in the way, that you’re not seeing. I’m also being shown to make sure that you know what is within your control, and what isn’t within your control. Release what is not in your control, and just trust that it will go right.
  2. Here, I am being shown something recently ended. And it is time to start anew. The biggest thing here, is to pick a path, and figure out which way you want to go. At the same time, I am being shown to take stock of those around you, and how your choices may affect them. Try to be aware of unintended consequences, of your choices, otherwise this may cause struggles on the new path.
  3. What I’m being shown here, is a need for compromise. I don’t feel this is a path you can fully go alone, and do see someone willing to help you. Pushing them away, isn’t going to help, so make sure to take their point of view into consideration also. Things will be much better working together.
  4. From what I am being shown here, you have everything you need to make things work. The thing here, is to make sure to put action and direction into motion. Once you do, it looks like things will get much easier, and I see things going much smoother. Find your passion in this, and go for it. One step at a time.
  5. Here, I am seeing a need for a change in perspective. We are faced struggles, but the point of the struggles is to learn, and then move forward. Try not to dwell in the past, as it will only drag you back there. Shift your perspective, to what you have now, and what you can do now to make things better for tomorrow. This will help tremendously.
  6. I am seeing a need for consistency here. It looks like there’s been struggles of ups and downs, and there needs to be balance and consistency to this. The consistency, is more important than the overall time put in. Find that energy, and the balance, and I do feel things will go much better.
  7. It looks like you haven’t been seeing things too clearly lately. Take some time for daily meditation, as I feel your intuition is really trying to come through. I’m also seeing your subconscious trying to come through, and to connect with that, we need to meditate. If you can meditate daily, I do feel within a few weeks, the path will start to become much clearer.
  8. From what I am seeing here, it looks like you’re almost trying to fool yourself at times. Take time, to sit and contemplate things, work on grounding yourself. Make decisions from that grounded perspective, and I am seeing things getting much better for you. It’s important for us to do things from a grounded perspective, so that we can see the consequences, and the path, clearly.
  9. I’m being shown a lot of flip flopping on your ideas and emotions. It’s going to be important, to make the decisions necessary, to actually move things forward here. Without actually taking that step forward, and continuing the way you’ve been going, I just don’t see things getting moving. However, changing your approach, and making the decisions necessary, will get you going in the right direction.

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