Don’t Rely On Luck In Love

Don’t Rely On Luck In Love

stpattysday2St. Patrick’s Day is a day when we often think about shamrocks, celebrations, green everything, and a whole lot of luck. While we all experience good luck and fortune from time to time, it won’t get you everywhere, especially in the love department.

It’s no surprise most of us want to see our potential relationships and connections work out in our favor, but too often we let things stay still rather than taking the actions necessary to make things happen. This doesn’t mean you should force things and try to make everything happen at lightning speed, but it does mean that non action typically yields no results. This is especially true when you feel an attraction to someone brand new.

How many times have you felt that initial spark toward someone, but didn’t do much of anything to see what it was all about? How many times have you felt that deeply rooted spiritual soul connection, but didn’t even approach him or her to find out what it was all about? It’s easy to try and rely on luck to bring things together, but the truth is it is better to take action right away. When you do, you push an attractive energy out there and gain an opportunity to see what this new connection is all about. When you don’t, and just spend your time hoping something will come together, you often end up exactly where you started and feel a lot more stressed because of it.

If you feel an attraction to someone or are wanting to meet someone new, trust that it is okay to do something about it right away. Sitting around wondering if things will happen only serves to increase your fears and in turn, will negatively impact the type of energy you are pushing. Most people are more sensitive to energies than they know and your built up anxiety and nervousness can affect them at a soul level. This can create awkward conversations and uncertainty regarding your authenticity.

Below please find two steps you can take right now to ensure you have enough trust in self to take action on these situations right away.

Check Your Confidence

How are you feeling about yourself? Are you going through a rough patch where you don’t feel as if you would be attractive to anyone? Does this stop you from doing the things you want to to be doing? Does this inhibit you from meeting new people who have the potential to be someone substantial in your life?  If you feel you are holding yourself back, then it’s time to make a change. It’s time to stand tall each morning and tell yourself that you are good enough for everything. It’s time to remove those old fears for good and start walking down a new path where you know it’s okay to take chances. While nobody ever wants to be rejected, it won’t affect you when your confidence levels are in tact.

Remove The Fear

Once your confidence levels are back in check, it’s time to start removing your fears. What still stops you? What holds you back from taking a chance? Is it related to past situations where you were pushed away or are there other factors inhibiting your ability to take action? Remember, your fears only serve to hold you back. It may be necessary to spend some time in meditation and determine the root cause of what you are feeling. Are past situations coming back to haunt you? If so, spend some time letting those old situations go so that you can walk into new experiences with a open mind and open heart. Your openness says a lot about who you are and will help you start up that initial conversation.

If are you struggling to meet new people or having a difficult time knowing what to expect with that new special someone, reach out directly to any one of our authentic love psychics. They can provide you with the insight you need to connect with that newer person right away.