Embracing Change

Embracing Change

latefallThere’s just something about Fall. Naturally, I love the beautiful colors and the vivid imagery, but to me, it also seems like a time to embrace change. Even after the season is halfway over, it’s still a time to shed away our outdated layers and prepare ourselves for journeys down brand new roads.


It’s not always easy to turn the page in our own story and start writing a brand new chapter. It can be downright scary to stare down at a blank page and wonder what words are going to come next. We don’t know what the outcome will be. We don’t know what characters will be introduced and we certainly don’t know what exactly to expect.

Fall has a tendency to push us in directions that we are meant to be in. Have you ever felt that pull to start doing something different with your life right away? Perhaps it’s time to let go of negative influences in your life and make a promise to only surround yourself with positive people who support your passions. Or maybe, it’s time for a career shift. You could even be grateful for the work you have done in the past, but it’s possible it may no longer be your life’s plan or calling. Don’t be afraid of change even if you feel you are already on your path. That original path may have simply been a stepping stone. Our desires do change and it’s up to us to change directions when needed.  Sometimes new ideas sprout up from the ground and immediately catch our attention. We can’t stop looking at them and we can’t think of doing anything different. I never used to give these feelings credence and would dismiss them as nothing more than a temporary emotional response to something I must have seen. Even though I couldn’t easily remove these thoughts from my mind and even though I would literally see myself executing these new desires, I would treat these impulses as annoying weeds that took away from the beautiful garden I was attempting to maintain. Come to find out, I was quite wrong.

I’ve read several articles that all talk about embracing change and discuss how we should throw our hands up in the air and welcome in all the new in every single aspect of our lives – all the time. This type of message is pushed out there by most everyone. Certain groups tell us to align ourselves with our heart center. Others prefer we listen to what our divine being is telling us and then follow.  Then there are the folks who like to keep it simple and just call it a leap of faith, but it’s always promoted in a positive way and ends with a simple, “Do it!”. It doesn’t matter how the message gets across; it’s all the same. I get this concept at the core and I do buy into it, but for many of us, myself included, changes can be frightening.  Many of us are still tending to our wounds from the past and the first thought of change can easily conjure up some deeply rooted fears. This is especially true for anyone that has ever found themselves sitting at the proverbial bottom with no means of escape. I’ve been in that place and even though there is no satisfaction to be found down there whatsoever, we stay stuck until we learn to embrace the idea of something different. We would rather experience remorse than take a chance in believing everything will turn out even better.  It’s easier to expect the worst and react negatively than to blindly follow our own intuitive ways.  This safeguard also ensures we don’t experience further disappointment, but unfortunately, it does produce feelings of numbness and is a guaranteed way to keep our lives stagnant.

I believe everyone should follow their dreams and to nurture every single one of their desires. I’ve done it before and it was successful, but the second (or even third) time around can be even more frightening. For me, I worried about feeling secure. I worried about taking care of the people around me and losing important connections in my life. But, there comes a time where you have to stop standing atop a precipice hoping a bridge will magically appear. Inaction gets us nowhere. Listen to your heart and allow the universe to guide you.  As mentioned before, these changes are scary, but we have to try. I strongly believe we must learn to walk down a new road whenever the time comes and find new ways to effectively express ourselves.

Life is about finding happiness within ourselves and pursuing our own vision. It’s about embracing and creating change whenever necessary and learning to trust ourselves. It’s about getting up every morning and exuding passion in every single one of our actions. We are not destined for misery. We are not meant to be unhappy and regularly experience dissatisfaction. We are meant to make a difference in our own unique way. Everyone has the inner wherewithal to make this happen. Get out there, look for it, find your own magic, determine what makes you feel invincible and then never stop pursuing it. Simply trust it, but more importantly, trust yourself!


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