Facing Our Shadow This Fall Season By Psychic Hazel

Facing Our Shadow This Fall Season By Psychic Hazel

By Psychic Advisor Hazel

The Autumn Equinox has begun its descent into old age, and death. Nights are becoming longer, and days are becoming shorter. The changing seasons are key points in the cycle of life and in nature. We can use this time of year and embrace the season with whom we want to become, and find our most authentic selves. If we want to feel more balanced, continue to grow, and release our creativity, we need to make friends with our shadow, and reinvent ourselves. It is when we can face the darkness, that we can finally find the light to our true paths.

What is my shadow, you may ask? It is when you are too hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Or, it can be a feeling of shame or guilt when you have done something you are not very proud of. The shadow is the unpleasantness of your personality, and parts of us that we may fear to acknowledge exists. In fact, we are more observant of another person’s shadow before acknowledging our own, because we want to protect our self-image from being unflattering.

We may not like certain aspects of ourselves, but sometimes our greatest gifts lie within these areas. Facing our shadow side leads to more maturity, peace, creativity, and feeling more comfortable with ourselves. It allows us to let go of repressed feelings, and can improve health.

How can you face your shadow self? The first thing you can do is be conscious of it and to accept yourself even for your mistakes! Everyone make mistakes, and when you accept the dark with the light, you replace the feeling of shame with self-acceptance, and compassion. Accept that you are not the only one that has unacceptable thoughts, desires, or impulses.

The following is a list of other ways to help you face your shadow:

  1. Try writing in a journal.
  2. Laugh at yourself, when we see things with humor, our defenses will drop, and we can approach a situation with love and forgiveness towards others and ourselves.
  3. Meditate by focusing on accepting your own mistakes. Think of your good qualities and accept that you may also have bad qualities…and that’s okay.
  4. Realize that your shadow side is a reflection of your honesty, and your passion.
  5. Talk with those you trust, be it a close friend or therapist. Sometimes, it takes another person we trust to be honest with us in order for us to see what we cannot.

Ask yourself how you handle your shadow self, what is it, and how can it help you? It is only through efforts we make ourselves aware of and recognize our shadow. It can be instinctive and irrational, and it is prone to project a part of ourselves we do not like. Get to know and integrate your shadow self in your daily life. To ignore our shadow we choose to disown an important aspect of ourselves, and we project onto others what we bury within us. To focus on our strengths is more enjoyable yes, but when we explore our shadow side, we give ourselves tremendous opportunities for growth and development.


We may not wish to delve there

The Shadows, the darkness

The Unknown

Yet, when we search, we reveal

And our power, it has grown

-Stacey DeMarco (The Halloween Oracle, Skull of Darkness)


Happy shadow working this season! Much love and many blessings!  -Hazel

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