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February 2018 Tarotscopes

February 2018 Tarotscopes

By: Advisor Christine

Introducing The Fantastical Tarot Deck










Aries – 3 Of Cups

Someone is going to be doing some celebrating and it is you Aries!  Abundance, family and friendships old and new are set aside for you this month!  Anniversaries, christenings, weddings and birthdays; the 3 of Cups is a card which expresses, “Raise a glass” in a toast.  It could even be a weekend getaway or a time to just feel carefree and release all of your burdens.  To enjoy simple fun!  This is also a very flirtatious month.  It is the perfect month for light hearted love and romance!  Emotional and physical healing is in order and spending time with people who make you feel good raises your vibration and energy levels!  Physical ailments brought on by stress will also gain relief.  3 is also a number of creation, so if you have been trying to conceive or are overdue on that bun in the oven, then this is the month to create and bring forth life!  Creation as far as ideas is also valuable this month!  Be sure to let that little light of yours shine!





Taurus – Page Of Cups Rx

Frustration and irresponsibility seem to be the undertone for February, Dear Taurus.  Offers do not materialize and this month may be all work and no play and that is not fun at all!  You or someone you know may be attention seeking and emotionally immature, so you will not be able to reply on their perspective or people may feel that they cannot rely on yours.  There is too much obsession of their own needs.  Living in a dream world and becoming defensive when challenged.  In your family relationships, a child may find it difficult to communicate his or her feelings.  This month may also bring you way too much partying!  It is time to calm down and bring things back to order!







Gemini – Ace Of Pentacles

Gemini?  Get ready for some big money this month and material gain!  Are you ready  for prosperity?  This is a month of making huge changes for the better in your home and work life.  If you are planning a move, this will be the month to find the perfect place!  The finances and the universe will allow for major advances!  You are off and creating brand new beginnings!  I am so happy for you Gemini!  Happiness, contentment and everything your beautiful heart desires!  Money will come to you quickly and this could even include winnings!  Not that I am advising you to gamble or play the lottery, but why not give it a go!  Money is definitely in your orbit this month!  Have I said money enough yet?  If I haven’t said it before Gemini……you deserve it!







Cancer – 10 Of Swords

It looks like February is going to be a month of endings for you Dear Cancer!  It is time to see that you are truly up against a wall and will need to admit it and make changes.  The energy of this card is ruin and although very sudden, it has a history.  You have seen this coming for a while now, you just didn’t expect it to be of such an impact!  This will lead you to inevitable change this month.  This ending clears a way for new possibilities and it will release you from anxiety and stress that once existed.  Friendships may break and sadly, you will sense betrayal. You will see certain people were causing discord behind the scenes.  More So it applies to a group than an individual.  The frustrations will be over and health issues due to exhaustion and low energy will improve.






Leo – The 8 Of Pentacles

This is a fabulous time for growth and achievement Leo!  Give yourself some credit this month for the excellent work that you have been doing.  A promotion or recognition is indicated and well-deserved.  You may want to undertake a new career and if you should decide to go in this brand new direction, you will be extremely successful!  You may want to consider continuing your education.  You may be gaining a scholarship or even a diploma or degree.  It will be a job well done and a huge positive on and for your future path.  You are hardworking, trusted and dedicated.  You take your responsibilities seriously and this speaks volumes about you!








Virgo – The Sun

You are really going to shine for February Virgo!  Success, good health and maybe even a nice trip are in store for you for February!  This is your month for success and achievement.  If you have had a challenging time, The Sun shows you that every aspect of your life will improve.  You are also going to enjoy some energy this month, so if you have had some health troubles. You can expects for these ailments to improve.  You want to nurture the dreams and goals you have set for yourself this month, as it is a very powerful time to achieve them!







Libra – 7 Of Wands

The 7 of Wands os all about standing strong and firm Dear Libra!  This month will require courage, effort and offer you quite a few challenges.  There will be obstacles in your path, but you will definitely overcome them!  This card is very relevant to career matters and negotiations.  No matter how difficult the conversation becomes, continue to speak your mind and ideas until you are satisfied with the outcome.  You are going to need to stand tall and be very clear on your position.  You may also find yourself as an advocate for people, places or belief systems this month.  Morality is going to be very important to you and you will definitely become a hero to the underdog.  In relationships this month, you may have some hurdles and need to fight for love – just make sure your partner would return the same loyalty to you.





Scorpio – 9 Of Pentacles

Look at you Scorpio!  Getting all comfee there, with all of your accomplishments and prosperity!  I do remember you had a great start into your new year and it looks like this trend is going to continue into February!  This is a month of financial stability and surrounding yourself with the material possessions that you love.  You may even find yourself redecorating or taking on some gardening this month.  It is time to focus on whatever your heart desires, without feeling guilty about it.  You will feel at home and at one with yourself.  In work matters, you may find that there is a special promotion for you as well, so enjoy the luxuries that February is here to offer you!







Sagittarius – The Chariot

Determination, victory, as well as journeys await you for February, Dear Sagittarius!  This is a month for determination and focus as you travel in a new direction! A decision will be made this month, and now you can begin to experience real progress in your affairs. Ready to take control and navigate your path, you are poised to learn as your horizons rapidly expand. Just as the charioteer has his wand to drive him onward, you will need willpower to fuel your desires. The Chariot can indicate a move or an important journey, and, on a mundane level, it shows you driving a car on your travels or getting a new vehicle.  We all love new vehicles, especially me!  Enjoy a test drive!  You may enjoy some travel away from home as disagreement within the home become settled.  Relationships will progress at a pace or you may decide to move along this month.  Financially, you are on the road to success!





Capricorn – 4 Of Swords

Last month Dear Capricorn, you had great potential for success! This month, the Universe wants you to rest from all of your hard work.  A time out for passivity and quiet time this month.  This may also indicate a break from a relationship or recovery time from an illness you may have developed prior.  Conserve your energy this month and take this quiet time if you can.  Make time to take time is my recommendation.  This energy can also apply to meditators and lightworkers.  Any individual who is following a spiritual path.  You may need to take this time to recharge.  A desire for counseling may also be an issue this month; as well as a Memorial Service.  If the latter is the case, I send my love and sympathy.






Aquarius – 6 Of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles is all about generosity and this month, money is coming to you!  If may be donated or generously offered to you and this will definitely help you to pay off any outstanding debts.  You will feel connected and close to your usual circle of friends.  You all may even be exchanging small gifts of appreciation.  You may even be saving money to help someone else in need.  However the month goes, be you a giver or a receiver, this will be a month of circumstantial improvements!  You may even wish to consider giving to a charity that is very close to your heart.








Pisces – Ace Of Swords

Look at you Pisces!  It appears that all of that thinking you are always doing is paying off!  You will be making decisions, embarking on new beginnings.  His card is auspicious for every area of your life this month.  Work and love will have immediate changes for the better.  You will be at the top of your game as your mental agility brings you much desired success.  Be cautious but not over zealous – be mindful of how you would want to be treated on the receiving end.  Your relationships will triumph over past obstacles and you win through to your heart’s desire!








February 2018 As A Whole – Seven Of Cups

While the 7 of Cups brings potential for great opportunities this month, they are however insubstantial. It isn’t clear what is feasible and what is fantasy this month.  Everything may feel as if it is up in the air.  Be discerning this month and find out what you can about each possible path, but you will need to choose by paying attention to your instincts and your emotions.  Go with the flow this month and trust your inner knowing.  Don’t rush.  New doors will open in relationships allowing for joint finances to improve.  Anything is possible!








Christine is an advisor with Psychic Txt

If you want to find out more about your February, reach out directly to Advisor Christine today!