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Five Ways To Bring New Love Into Your Life This Holiday Season

Five Ways To Bring New Love Into Your Life This Holiday Season

christmas-couple-in-loveFeeling alone during the holiday season can be difficult challenge to overcome. While everyone needs their own personal alone time, it is also quite normal to crave true companionship. There are few things better this time of year than having someone to cuddle up next to and share stories with. Feeling truly loved produces a beautiful energy that only serves to further increase your own personal happiness.

The challenge is remembering that it is important to give love if you want to receive it in return. This is especially difficult when you have felt alone for quite some time. But, when you push a genuine, loving, and caring vibe out to the universe, you will be rewarded with the same feeling in return. The easiest way to do this, especially when you are feeling alone and empty, is to reach out to those you already care for deeply. When your friends, family, or even past connections pop into your mind, let them know you do truly care! Continually pushing this type of energy with no level of expectation will bring what you want right to you! Simply put, you have to give love to receive it.

Here are five great ways to connect with those you already care about and in turn, help to bring new love right into your life!

Pick Up The Phone

While a phone call might seem like a trivial gesture of goodwill, calling someone and letting them know you are thinking about them not only helps to brighten their day, it will also help to put a smile on your face. The happier you are, the more open your energy is to real love.

Write A Letter

In today’s digital age, letter writing seems like a thing of the past, but there are few things more personal than receiving a handwritten letter from someone you care about. Take some time out this holiday season to write individualized notes in your holiday cards, or simply surprise your closest connections with a handwritten letter from your heart. When you put real love into your words, the recipients will feel it and both of your spirits will be brightened.

Don’t Have Time To Write a Letter? Send a Text!

Actual letter writing can seem like a tedious task sometimes, so if you are strapped for time, send your loved ones a simple text! Let them know you are thinking about them and wish them a wonderful day! Not only will you distract yourself from thinking about the negatives associated with your own situation, you will make a real difference in their day.

Send a Small Gift

While this may seem materialistic by nature, sending a small token to show your appreciation and love for someone you care about can make a substantial impact in their lives. Think about the people you care about most, pick out something small and send it to them. Not only will they be elated at your gesture, you will also have served to expand your loving energy out into the universe.

Have a Small Gathering

If you are already feeling alone and down, it can be challenging to muster up the desire to have visitors over, but spending time with people you already care about will take your mind off everything that has been going on and change your thinking from a state of lack to a state of joy. This joyous attitude, when regularly pushed, will magnetize your energy and draw exactly what you want right to you!


If you want to find out when new love will enter your life and want to find out what else you can do right now to change the energy you are pushing, reach out directly to any one of our love psychics today. We have the answers you need.





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