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Forgiveness: Are You Able To Forgive Your Ex?

Forgiveness: Are You Able To Forgive Your Ex?

Forgiveness. Are you able to forgive your ex? You have to if you want him back or you will always end up having this conflict in you, which can affect the process of getting back with him.

We all need to be forgiven. Usually both partners – even the one responsible for the break up – struggle with the situation. Love can be tricky and sometimes people who never intended to hurt or disrespect us, may cause us a pain which is sometimes very difficult to heal.

So it may not be easy. Forgiveness is actually something that must be “developed”. If done it in an effective way, it will transform the way you think, feel and live your life. One motivation to face this challenge is to approach it with a positive attitude and with the certainty that you will be able to do what was proposed.


Here are some important steps which must be followed in the forgiveness process:

1. Recognize that you are as imperfect as the person who hurt you. You also need to be forgiven by people you may have injured in some way.

2. Try to understand the other person. Ask yourself what kind of suffering he/she went through, what kind of struggles this person faced that made him or her hurt you so much.

3. Recognize that as long as you get angry with that person, he or she will have power over you. This person may have forgotten a long time ago the harm she has inflicted while you are allowing anger to consume your life.

4. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help you in this process.

5. Give up on any desire for revenge. Spend your life time and your energies with you!

6. In forgiving, you are not agreeing with what happened. You are not saying that what happened is right. You can still condemn the mistake, but you are putting yourself above it. It’s up to the Gods to solve the pendencies and karma of each one. Not you. Your own life and your own happiness are more important than that.

7. Understand that forgiveness and reconciliation are distinct concepts. Forgiveness serves to cleanse our hearts and make us light and happy again. But we can only reconcile if we trust again. For true reconciliation, both parties have to take accountability for the relationship.

8. You will have lots of peace and even self-love when you can let go and release your ex. The freedom you will find when you are able to forgive will be worth it!

Therefore, remember: by don’t forgiving, it becomes to a point on which you are not punishing your ex anymore. You are punishing yourself. So, stop withholding and deliberately not giving your ex what he/she needs because you feel hurt and uncertain.

If you play the blame and criticism game, your relationship is over, no matter what. But if you can genuinely love through that, then there will be a bond between you both like nothing you’ll ever see. You will forever own your ex’s soul. That’s the power of forgiveness!

Tonya is an advisor with Psychic Txt


If you finding it hard to forgive your ex’s and you feel it’s holding you back, reach out directly to Psychic Tonya today. She will be happy to look at your current connections as well as your upcoming relationships.