Are You In The Friend Zone?

Are You In The Friend Zone?

By: Advisor Rhonda

You can’t explain the feeling you get when you two are together..all you know is that it’s magnetic! The chemistry and the connection is the strongest you have ever felt with anyone. You find yourself thinking about them all the time and you still get butterflies whenever you are around them. With the history you share it’s so easy to share any and everything. So, why the feelings of uncertainty you ask. It feels so right and you just know that you are soulmates but at times this person acts a little weird and distant, almost as if they don’t feel the same way. *shruggs

How is it possible that you spend so much time together and you talk everyday and yet they still feel nothing. You may have even asked them and received a vague response. The fact of the matter is that they may only view you as a friend and this is the reason for their seemingly “odd” behavior.  In their mind they are enjoying a friendship with you and have no intentions on pursuing a relationship and is believing things are completely fine and you on the other hand are confused in love and wondering when things are going to go to the next level. You are on unaware that you are on completely different wave lengths.

Some people get confused by nice gestures of a person or tell themselves that that the person is simply afraid of their feelings or fighting the urge to be together. You have to remember, your feelings aren’t necessarily THEIR feelings. Just because you feel very strongly about them doesn’t mean that they have to feel the same way. You may also wonder why they stick around if they are not in love but truth is, they probably love you but not IN LOVE with you.

Everyone that we cross paths with isn’t always necessarily meant to be our lover or spouse. Some people are only meant to be in our lives as a friend only but that doesn’t mean that blessings can’t come from it. The friendship can last a lifetime in most cases. Other times transitioning into lovers can ruin the friendship and things may never go back the same.Before you get hurt and discouraged or even blame the person be fair and understand that they should not be at fault for what they do not feel. The friendship alone could mean a lot to them and perhaps it may be the only close friendship they have ever experienced in their life.


If you want to find out the status of your relationship, reach out directly to Advisor Rhonda today. She specializes in love matters and would be happy to intuit your situation for you as well as provide you with a path that will help your relationship along.