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From Romance to Lifelong Love This Valentine’s Day

From Romance to Lifelong Love This Valentine’s Day

dinnerdateWe are only a few days away from the biggest love day of the year. Red roses, scrumptious chocolate, fancy dresses, and a night out to share a romantic dinner with a side of fine wine is right around the corner! It feels good to be romanced. It will send tingles and sensations throughout your entire body and make you come right to life. It’s a beautiful thing to feel wanted and adored, but many of us also want to see our relationships move in a new direction. While romance will always be a factor, what about real commitment? What about moving to a new level where both of you are able to comfortably share everything with each other while simply being yourselves? We’ve already discussed methods to help you build a better relationship this Valentine’s day, but it’s also important for the romance to turn into real, undying, true love.

Everlasting love always sounds too good to be true. It is what you read about in those steamy novels. It’s what happens to the person next door or your friend at work who just met someone amazing and is ready to run off with them. While at times, it can sound like a fairy tale, it is also very much a reality when the right steps are taken.

Below please find two steps to help you take your connection to a brand new level this Valentine’s Day.




Are you listening or thinking?

Dont-think-or-judge-just-listen-Sarah-DessenNo matter how much attraction exists between you and your partner or love interest, without proper communication, you won’t get very far. Do you find yourself listening to everything he or she has to say or are you in your own world overthinking? All too often, we think about the other person’s intentions rather than getting back into the moment and listening to everything he or she has to say. If you are distracted and lost in your own mind, you will subconsciously create an energy barrier right in front of you. This giant wall makes it impossible to feel and absorb the energy the other person is pushing your way and also obstructs their ability to feel the energy you are projecting. Open yourself up on this special night. Laugh with your date, have a good time, share stories together, and let the entire night flow regardless of the activities you have planned. This is especially important if the two of you are newer or if you have recently overcome some struggles. The past is in the past, so it is time to leave it there. What matters and what will always matter most is right now.

Is this a date or a job interview?

fastestWhile the following may be better suited for newer connections, it is still quite applicable for couples that have been in existence for a while especially if the spark feels lacking. We always want to know everything about our partner. We want to know what their passions are, what makes them tick, and why they do the things they choose to do. Getting to know someone at a deeper level is a huge part of turning romance into real love, but it should never be done in an overly methodical way. Be mindful of asking your date or interest question after question about their life. While it may seem you are simply trying to show your interest level, it can send an interrogation like vibe and come across feeling more like a job interview rather than a real conversation. Wanting to find out everything you can is natural, but you don’t need to know everything right at this very second. Allow that mystery to unfold on its own and you will pave the way for the happy ending you truly desire. Be in the moment with each other and once you find common ground, run with it and flow. Your combined energies will take care of the rest.


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