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Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow

By: Psychic Stephanie 

In any given situation between people, we are both the teacher and the student. You’re in each other’s lives for a purpose and a time. The poem, A Reason, Season or a Lifetime captures this beautifully. We are put on this planet, in this lifetime to learn lessons and grow. Once you learn your lesson with a specific situation, a new opportunity may present itself to you and off you go leaving the old behind to continue fulfilling the lessons your soul needs to learn.

It’s never easy though.  As humans, we tend to live more in the future wondering, worrying, thinking…that darn thinking!  If we could only turn off the chatter (you actually can!). This will create nothing but angst and anxiety which is not something positive.  We also tend to want to control situations becoming attached to certain outcomes and therefore, that is all we can see as we trudge forward with blinders on.  This is fear based energy. You don’t want to be here.

It’s time to learn to go with the flow.  Let go of attempting to control situations in your life. How does one go about doing so? Honestly, it is not easy and it takes daily practice.  But once you release the need to control the outcome of something and relax into it, you will be surprised how quickly it comes to you.  And if not exactly what you were hoping for, it will be something better.

Have you ever had a discussion with someone and you were attempting to recall a movie title and no matter how hard you concentrated at that moment and just kept thinking about it, the name of the movie never comes to you.  But then, five hours later as you’re brushing your teeth for bed, BOOM…the movie title encroaches upon your brain and you feel as if you’ve hit the jackpot.  We’ve all been there.  Why then did it come so easily to you five hours later and not in the moment when you were trying so hard to remember it?

You relaxed. You were going with the flow. That is why.

Put this into perspective in dealing with your life situations.  And if you’re finding you’re having trouble focusing on daily life activities, my suggestion to you would be to occupy your mind.  Just stay busy. Take all of that energy and focus it on your career, your family, working out, writing, anything to do with creativity also works very well. Do activities and be around people that bring you joy and happiness.  This is love based energy.  And where you want to be.

Remember, if things are meant to be, they will be. Relax into it.

Psychic Stephanie


If you are finding it difficult to flow and remain in the moment, reach out directly to Psychic Stephanie today. She can provide you with insight and guidance to ensure that you are able to immerse yourself into the moment and start living life as it should be lived.