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Guardian Angels – How To Connect To Your Own Angels

Guardian Angels – How To Connect To Your Own Angels

By: Intuitive Advisor Jessica

I have had a lot of clients asking me how to get answers from their own guardian angels. I am about to tell you in steps on how you could hear them if your able to have a quiet mind and also be around nature instead of being inside listening to meditation music. If your mind isn’t quiet I would say you need to do a meditation so you can get your mind focused on one thing.

Your guardian angel is someone who has been with you since the day you were born. So this means the person who has been of assistance to you was with you as a baby and up to your current adult life. Even if you may not see them as you did when you were a child. Most of the time why you don’t see them as a adult is because by the time you are an adult you stop believing in them. That’s part of the reason why you are not able to hear them correctly.

Also be aware your spirit guide could be your guardian angel! As they both comes from realms of spiritual. But a spirit guide is a different subject which I will get into in another article.

Your angel guide can help you with messages from heaven and above. If you are able to believe in yourself then you are able to handle them – almost like a Medium. I am a strong medium. I am able to get and give messages from angels and spirits. I do have an ability to see spirits and angels. With this comes some problems in life when you try to put everything together – sometimes you cannot do that. It will happen naturally.

Are you confident enough in yourself to hear them? Because I know you could hear them after taking just one class of meditation. Then go outside and feel the wind around your hair and face. Your guardian angel is likely holding your hand if you are able to believe in that. They are a guide into your life. It’s just the matter of whether or not you believe in it and yourself. Make sure you don’t deny what is!

Start saying to yourself: “I am able to. I can do this. I want to do this.” Say positive affirmations that wwill help you manifest what you want to create. Your guardian angel can also be a fairy. I have heard from past clients who believe their guardian angel is someone who was around them from a past life that could not be reborn but at the same time. They were given another chance to have a life with this individual as their guardian angel. I also believe guardian angels are people who had a life or could of had a life, but things happen during their time of living. This why most people won’t believe until they see it. You can start connecting with your angel today if you simply clear your mind and believe If this helps you or you want to know how to connect to your angel, text me for further guidance or a message from your guardian angel.

Jessica is an intuitive energy reader with Psychic Txt. She specializes in energy readings and medium related readings. If you have questions regarding your own angels or even spirit guides and want to learn how to better connect on your own, reach out directly to Jessica today.