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Here Are 4 Ways Reiki Can Transform Your Emotions

Here Are 4 Ways Reiki Can Transform Your Emotions

By Psychic Danielle

Being a Reiki healer, I encounter people with all kinds of issues. The most common one is healing from a heart break! I have worked in Reiki healing for over 12 years and 85% of my clients come to me to heal from a pain that they can’t move on from. Reiki can help with a lot of life issues, but the focus of this article is the most popular Reiki request – LOVE!

Reiki is a form of therapy which clears the blockages in your energy that prevents you from moving forward. Its not something that would make you hit the Lotto, or something that would enchant your soulmate. Reiki is personal, it’s about your well-being and your personal healing.

When practicing Reiki every day you may not get the results right away as it may seem like everything is just falling into place on their own. But what we don’t realize is that when we change ourselves and our energy, that’s when everything around us will change too!! You must remember that you are a hub, you are the center point of your own universe which is affected by your own energy field.

Have you ever wondered why nothing in your life changes? You go to work every day and mind your own business and keep to yourself and you do the right thing all the time. But nothing goes in your favor. There are no good changes in your life? Why is that? To make that change happen you must start working on the energy field around you. Imagine that you have a path that you are destined to be on, and its filled with positive energy and stability through love. Now imagine that there is a road block and the detour will take you on a path that takes you into a continuous circle, and you can’t get back on that path that you were meant to be on. That is what Reiki is for. Clearing the road block!

To change your energy and to start Reiki just takes 5-10 Minutes in your morning, but the benefits will last if you continue with Reiki daily. Energy work on yourself can change your life. It can help recover from a seriously painful breakup. It can also help find Mr./Ms. Right  or enhance an existing relationship.

Through my own personal experience and through many of my clients, I have found many ways that Reiki can help with love life. Some of my client’s habit was to always get into a relationship with someone already in a relationship. Reiki helps change such dating patterns.


Here are some ways Reiki can help you:

The Big Picture moment

Reiki will help you get clarity and develop your inner intuition. It helps find that deep inner wisdom you have searched for but haven’t found so far. Clients have come to me in search of what they need from a relationship or how to heal from a past relationship that no longer makes them feel at peace or full. Reiki can give you that BIG PICTURE MOMENT where you find clarity and realize” that’s why” these certain relationships didn’t work out. You will see ways in which you can change patterns or needs within yourself to better satisfy yourself spiritually and emotionally thru love and relationships.


The Ability to decide what we REALLY need

Reiki changes your way of thinking. There is a difference in what we say we need and what your mind, body and spirit needs. Reiki allows us to go past our physical body and dig deeper. Do you really need what you think you need in a relationship? or is that just a reaction to what your friends/family think you need? A reaction to their advice? When you dig a little deeper in your own energy, you can see and feel what’s missing in your current relationship and answer this question for yourself. What is it that you NEED emotionally to make you feel whole?


The Ability to take a leap of faith

Some of us feel phantom pain when we get hurt in a relationship. Phantom pain is the ability to feel the pain from a past relationship that is no longer there, like it’s still a recent event. Afraid of being hurt, we get scared and don’t want to date again. But we also feel tired of being alone. Reiki can allow one to heal from that past hurt, from the phantom pains that are still there. This helps you take a leap of faith and see and feel what love could be like without those fears preventing you from finding Mr./Ms. Right.



Reiki allows you to see what your limits are on love? Codependency is a major issue- do we give too much? are we asking for too much? Reiki can help you figure out what it is that you truly need and will help you figure out and decide what is too much. Reiki can help you decide what is too much in term of limits. How much of your self do you give away? How much should you ask for? Well my Dear, you can’t ask anyone that question. No Psychic in the world has that answer! Only you can answer that question for yourself!

That is where Reiki comes in. Reiki can help you in calming your energy and spirit. You may find that other people are experiencing a whole different you. A calmer, more centered, and clearer you. I myself get overwhelmed a lot being a mom- a full time job! Plus, my full-time job- (My Psychic/Spiritual shops) and working online. It gets very overwhelming! but when I conduct my reiki session, I feel like nothing can affect me in a negative way. It’s almost like a super power gets activated and you feel empowered. You can get your daily tasks done and you feel that you have the spirit to do it. That is where it helps in my personal relationships, my husband, my kids, and my clients. They can all see that I’m a better, more centered and spiritually connected me! I feel at ease when I find myself.


So, Do you have 5-10 Minutes a day to allow you self-personal time? To find your true self? Better your relationship?, or Find your soulmate? Trust me, give yourself 10 minutes a day and you will be glad you did.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with too many emotions and feel lost or even lonely in a relationship, reach out to Psychic Danielle via PsychicTxt app and get the answers you are looking for right away. Danielle can help you sort through your emotions and even guide you how to get started practicing Reiki.

Danielle is a psychic with PsychicTxt.