How Gratitude Paves The Way To Sustainable Happiness

How Gratitude Paves The Way To Sustainable Happiness

From Sivana By Adela Belin

We all are different in terms of shape, size, color and thinking patterns. But still, there is a thing that is common in all of us; we all want to be happy. The connection between happiness and gratefulness is quite obvious, but a majority of people tend to overlook it. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and if you take it at a deeper level, what do you feel thankful for?

We feel thankful for the things that make us happy, and by thinking about the things that make us happy, we can bring even more happiness into our lives. I’m not trying to sound philosophical here; it’s a scientifically proven fact that the act of showing gratitude makes a person happier. Practicing gratitude in routine can boost your mood and can help you overcome anxiety and depression.

“I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it.” Tyler Kent White

Gratitude is a wellness exercise as practicing it actively makes you a happier person. By writing a wellness diary, one can turn himself into a positive thinker. Wellness diary is a journal, in which you pen down all the things that you’re thankful for.

  • People
  • Places
  • Events
  • Things
  • Others

After penning down the things you’re grateful for, express your gratitude out loud. Write a letter to the owner of your favorite restaurant thanking him for the great food that they serve. Tell your friends and family members, why you’re so grateful you’re to have them in your life. By expressing gratefulness, you start to think more about things that make you happier and stop ignoring the sources of happiness.

How to Be More Grateful

Start appreciating the small things: It’s not that hard to find small things that matter; things that happen every day and are often passed noticed like the sunset. When was the last time you experienced the sunset and felt grateful for its promise to come back again?

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others: By comparing yourself with others, you tend to focus more on your negative aspects.
  2. Be mindful: Don’t just see things, observe them. Don’t just eat your food, taste it. Be more mindful of yourself and your surroundings. By practicing mindfulness, you start to notice and be grateful about the small things that often get ignored.
  3. Reframe your thoughts: Whenever you have a bad thought about something, try to look at the positive aspects of that thing.
  4. Keep a wellness journal: By keeping a wellness journal, you start to find more things to be thankful about.
  5. Acceptance: Accept everything that happened in the past, and let it go.
  6. Health Lifestyle: A healthy body leads to healthy thoughts and healthy thoughts lead to happiness.
  7. Share with others: Be it food or your thoughts, sharing is a satisfactory practice.
  8. Surround yourself with grateful people: By surrounding yourself with grateful people you can collect more inspirations, and this will eventually turn you into a grateful person. If you don’t find many grateful people around you, become one for people to get inspiration from.
  9. Bigger perspective: A situation doesn’t carry any negative whiff, it’s all about how you perceive things. You should accept more ideas to build a bigger perspective. A bigger perspective leads to gratefulness, and if you try to trace the footprints of gratefulness, you’ll always end up at a much happier place.

Gratefulness isn’t a thing for today or tomorrow. It’s more like an eternal path to happiness. You don’t have to reach anywhere; all the happiness lies in the ways of gratitude.


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